Professional football players in the NFL strive to give their best performance each week of the season. The better they play when they are on the field, the higher the salary and bonuses that they receive. 

To improve their skills, they must watch videos of themselves as well as the team that they are scheduled to face next. 

Here are a few ways that they will watch film in 2022.

Downloaded Into a Handheld Devices

Every week during the season, the offices of many professional football teams download media into each tough tablet that belongs to the members of the team. This can be both footage from the previous week’s game as well as videos of the upcoming opponent. 

It allows that player to analyze what they themselves did right or what they need to work on. They can take this information back to their coach and ask for additional instruction so that they prevent making the same mistake in the next contest. 

They can also note what their opposition does regularly so that they can counter it when they face them next. 

As a Group in the Team Room

One advantage of viewing film in this manner is the encouragement that a player can receive from their own teammates. Typically these breakout sessions are limited to those who are involved in that particular group. 

Even though individuals will be praised for something that they did that was replayed on national television, there will be members of the squad who will receive kudos for setting up that play for them. 

Reviewing tape like this also creates an opportunity for those who belong to a special skill set to bond together, which will follow them out onto the field as they face their opponent. 

On a Cell Phone

There are times when a member of the team is in a hurry but knows that they should review what happened in their last game. 

These individuals can use a streaming service on their cellular device to watch their performance and make note of what was favorable and what needed work. 

They can also contact the management of the team and ask that clips be sent to them so they can analyze the film this way also. 

Another option for using their phone to prepare themselves is to catch their next opponent’s match while on the road with the group. It can keep them up to date on the health status of who they face next as well as give them time to find points to exploit. 

In the Comfort Of Their Home

There are days in a professional football player’s schedule when it can be a challenge to sit down and review tape from either their previous game or footage of the next team that they will face. 

If they are dedicated to being the best in the league, they can set aside time at the end of the day when they get home to watch the film that was sent to them. 

Using a smart television or an HDMI cable, they can project the video file that was sent to them onto the screen to study it. They can also record the match that they are participating in and review it when they get a chance. 

At a Desktop Computer

While a member of the team is at home, they can also sit down at their desk and watch the videos of their participation in a game on their desktop or laptop computer. They would be able to retrieve the files the same way as their cell phone or tablet. 

The screen is smaller than on their television but they would be able to stop the film to look closer at the picture if they needed to. Players in the NFL strive to be the best they possibly can be while they play. 

Reviewing videos of themselves and their opponents on tablets, cell phones, with their team, or by themselves helps them improve and perform to their optimum capability. 


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