Many aspects of life change as the years go by. Things just aren't the same that they used to be. 

The way people get information has switched from books and newspapers to online outlets. Reading has gone from physical hard copies of books to Kindles and tablets. Most startling of all is that ice cream is available in little dots. 

Some of the greatest changes of all have occurred in the world of business, and this is extremely evident in the field of marketing. But how is this affecting sports teams? 

In the past, it would seem that every fan go their news about their teams from television and radio. Maybe, they would pick up a magazine to learn who won a previous game or which athlete is moving from one team to another. 

Today, the world of technology has even changed the platform of sports, and it's something you should be aware of, especially if you're an avid sports fan. 

Here is why more sports teams are focusing more on marketing and learning new tactics.

Times Are Changing

Again, times are changing rapidly. Millennials, for one, are not getting their news about sports from television and other traditional outlets. They are learning about their teams on social media and all over the internet. 

Because technology and the internet are changing the way people do things forever, sports teams have to obtain content management systems and incorporate them into their teams. 

They have to figure out ways to get their content out there on the internet so the coming audience can access all of the valuable information. 

Just like in business, if a team does not respect, understand, and adapt to the changing times, they will be left in the dust.

People Do Not Go Directly to Brands for News

In the past, people thought that it was necessary to go directly to the source for their updates and news about sports. They would go to the website of the teams or watch a channel that was dedicated to covering sports in general. 

They would have to wait for their team to appear on television to see what was going on. Today, there are more indirect ways to learn about the brands that the followers are loyal to. 

Sports teams have to learn about these indirect outlets, such as social media and Google, in order to be more easily found by their fans. This has caused them to be more mindful of marketing in general.

Athletes Might Not Be Able To Market

There is a huge DIY approach to the world today, and anyone can learn how to do something if they simply search for it online. This has caused managers, coaches, and even athletes to learn ways that they can market their team in effective ways. 

However, athletes themselves are not marketers. It is not an easy task to effectively market yourself in a way that will get you more attention, so many athletes are figuring out ways to hire marketers, managers, and promoters from the outside.

Marketing in Person Is Difficult

Traditional ways of marketing, such as in-person, can be very difficult. If you think about it, how are people supposed to promote their teams in person? Do they do this at the games throughout the stadium? 

This is a very hard task, and it requires a lot of money, time, and resources. Therefore, teams are looking into ways to do it more effectively, and online marketing is one way to do this. 

Athletes cannot devote their time to trying to get attention from the fans, and they need someone else to do this for them. Digital marketing allows them to get the attention they need in a more passive way.


Sports teams everywhere would be wise to learn more about marketing so that they can survive in the digital, information world. 

When you focus more on marketing, you are investing in your team to get more fans, which means more money in the long run.


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