Serena Williams is a tennis powerhouse. She has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles, more than any woman or man in the open era. 

A professional player since 1995, she brought women's tennis to another level with her powerful, tenacious playing style. Some sports experts believe she has the greatest tennis serve of all time.

Many athletes have particular things that they do before an event. They may be rituals, warm-up exercises, or meditation routines. 

Like numerous others, Serena has specific ways to prepare herself before a tennis match.


Naturally, most athletes make exercise and nutrition an essential part of their daily routines to keep their bodies properly fueled. Serena likes to stick to a plant-based diet, though she occasionally enjoys eating eggs in the morning. 

Her lunchtime routine usually consists of protein and green vegetables. Her suppertime choices consider her family's preferences, but they are typically vegetarian dishes. She admits she's a fan of taco night.

Before a match, though, her diet changes somewhat. Carbs are vital for athletes before they perform on the court or field. 

Carbohydrates help increase endurance and intermittent high-intensity performance. Serena eats pasta when she is training or playing to help her play her best during a match.

Skin Care

Serena has an amazing glow both on and off the court. 

With so much exposure to sweat and the sun, you may wonder, "How does she make her skin look so good? Does she use red light therapy for skin? Are there certain beauty products she can't do without?"

Serena said she likes to use clean beauty products, sometimes getting recommendations from her famous sister and fellow tennis champion, Venus. 

One product Serena uses liberally is coconut oil. She applies it to her face and lips, but she also uses the product to hydrate her hair.

Serena never goes without sunscreen, she said, and always uses SPF 55. Applying sunscreen is not only a crucial step to protecting against skin cancer. It also keeps the skin from aging prematurely from sun exposure.

Mental Attitude

Athletes who spend so many hours in the spotlight need to guard their mental health vigilantly. Spending some time meditating or relaxing can help soothe nerves and improve focus.

Serena said she likes to get in some alone time on a treadmill or elliptical. She also enjoys hanging out with her daughter, Olympia.

"I worked my whole life for these moments," Serena said in an interview, adding she has to believe she is good enough. 

She uses positive self-talk before matches, telling herself that she will not miss anything and win. When she plays doubles matches with Venus, her sister may get a pep talk of her own from Serena.

Many athletes use positive self-talk before games or matches. It helps develop mental strength and prepares their minds to do what they want their bodies to accomplish.


Serena knows she needs to study her opponents before a match. She's been called a "student of the game." 

Studying competitors is a common strategy among athletes, and Serena employs it. She realizes that it is best to know what you are up against before stepping on the court.

Knowing her opponents' strengths and weaknesses may be one reason she performs well against those she has played most often. 

She has the chance to examine their moves and understand what they plan to do in particular situations during a match.

Serena Williams understands the keys to preparing for a match. Her methods have helped her become one of the greatest tennis players of all time, and athletes in any sport can learn from her example.


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