A biking trip is an enjoyable trip for everyone. There are no limitations, whether you want to create new memories with your family or go on a relaxing trip by yourself. 

A bicycle tour also makes for a meditative experience. You get to experience new sights, get a chance to relax your mind, and even indulge your curiosity. You need to have such fun activities in your life to undo the effects of chronic busyness. 

However, before you can start pedaling away, you need to pack appropriately for your journey. 

Here is a guide that will help you prepare for an enjoyable ride and ensure that you have got all that you will need.

Pick the Right Kind of Bike

The right kind of bicycle can make it easy to navigate over different landscapes. You want a cycle that you can control easily without getting stuck between pebbles and mud. 

Ideally, your first pick should be a mountain bike, but you also have two other choices, including a touring bike and a hybrid cycle. 

Mountain Bicycles

The most versatile choice is a mountain bike for any bicycle. These bikes have a flat and upright handlebar with a low gear range for pedaling up steep trails. 

You should get a 27.5 MTB since it will give you the height, agility, and speed to cruise through various trials. Mountain bikes also have a front locking suspension which lets you ride comfortably on all kinds of roads.

If you want another bike option to take a look at, there is also a carbon fiber full suspension mountain bike you can purchase if this is something that interests you more.

Touring Bicycles

Another type of road bike is the touring bike. These are suitable for paved pathways and highly durable for long-distance riding. 

A touring bike has all the necessary equipment that you will need for your trip. These include cargo racks, fenders, and a drop handlebar. 

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are an extremely comfortable option out of the three. If you plan to ride on smooth bike trails and not go self-exploring into rugged terrain, you should have a hybrid bike. 

These bikes will offer you a smooth ride on a paved or unpaved pathway, but off-road and mountainous regions may be dangerous.

Get A Durable Helmet

A helmet is an essential purchase for your biking trip. Therefore, take the time to find the right one for you. When you try on headgear, make sure it fits snuggly and comfortably on your head.

This is what you need to do to get a helmet that works for you. 

Recreational Bike Helmet

This head protection is made for casual riding and is affordable for regular use.

Road Bike Helmet

This type of headgear is lightweight, well ventilated, and aerodynamic, mostly made for the road.

Mountain Bike Helmet

This head protection is suitable for mountainous and rugged landscapes. A bike expert can help you find the best helmet by measuring the circumference of your head and checking for loose ends. 

Some helmets also come with a fitted Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology. Purchasing a mips bike helmet will allow for a multidirectional movement of 10–15mm on certain angled impacts, intended to reduce rotational force to the head and ensure maximum safety.

Invest In Bike Clothing and Gel-Based Seat Cover

Long-distance bike rides can get very uncomfortable. Sitting on one spot can result in chafing and bruising, so you should fit your bike seat with a gel pad to cushion the hard surface. 

Therefore, browse through stores to get excellent bike clothing. Here's what you need.

Bike Shorts

These are made from Lycra, a very breathable material. Bike shorts also come with a built-in padded crotch liner which eliminates friction and keeps moisture away. 

So you will move quickly and find no resistance as you try to pedal.

Bike Jersey

A bike jersey is another essential gear you will need for your trip. They are made of technical synthetic fibers and come with pockets that can securely carry your snacks, money, and cell phone. 

Bike jerseys also have a collar that you can raise to shield yourself from the sun.

Bike Socks

You don't want blisters on the soles of your feet, so make sure you grab a pair of polyester or nylon socks. This material curbs moisture and prevents friction from damaging your skin.

Bike Gloves

Your hands can also get sweaty while riding, so consider getting bike gloves. Bike gloves give you grip because of the synthetic fibers. 

Make sure you get your hands measured and buy comfortably fitting gloves.

Bike Shoes

Depending on where you plan on cycling, you will need suitable shoes. Unlike casual sneakers, bike shoes come with a rubber sole that has a grip allowing you to climb over all types of landscape. 

Map Out the Route

Map out the trial you wish to take for your bike trip. Not only should you sync your google map with your preferred route but also highlight it physically on a map. 

If you plan to go for a long ride, inform your friends and family with a link to your map. 

You should also research the weather patterns, the density of vegetation, and wildlife presence. Try and learn safe ways to cycle around animals like bears and escape from feral encounters

If you have your family with you, consider purchasing the apple tag and strapping it around your child's wrist. You should also go over the starting point, meetup location, and finishing zone. 

Establish a protocol if your child gets lost by informing them where they should wait if they can't find the trail.

Carry a First-Aid Kit & Snacks

You may get injured while bicycling, so don't risk an infection. Keep a light but useful first aid kit on you. 

Bandages, epi-pen, antiseptic cream, second skin for blisters, and insect repellents are the essential features of your gear. If you need extra medication on the side, like pills for hypoglycemia, label and put those in. 

You should never ride without a 2-liter water bottle and include electrolytic drinks like Gatorade in your snack bag. Dry foods like energy bars, bananas, and chips are good for replenishing you.


Biking trips are an adventurous hobby. Unlike other activities, you need to go the extra mile and prepare for your trip. 

Start by making sure you have all the right equipment to avoid cutting your trip short, especially including a repair kit. You will also need to narrow down the route you will use to avoid a haphazard journey. 

Finally, when you are out biking, have fun and savor every moment of your journey.


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