For anyone basketballers out there, packing a basketball bag is a routine procedure. It carries everything you’ll need for a practice session or a basketball game. 

However, you might find yourself always forgetting some essential items. That’s said, having a list of a few necessary basketball gears in hand is a good way to help you be prepared for a game or a practice session.

Some people might already have a basketball bag pre-packed in their car or bedroom, while others might still wonder what to pack for their basketball sessions. 

If you’re in the latter situation, it’s good to list some essentials you’ll always need. Let us help you with this list of “must-haves” to pack in your basketball backpacks.

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Athletic Tops & Bottoms

There’s nothing more frustrating than forgetting a critical piece of athletic clothing. A missing shirt or pants can turn productive practice into tons of blisters and injuries. 

Make sure to bring along athletic clothing since it’s fitting, comfortable, and has good air ventilation, which is perfect for you to sweat in. 

You can wear your team’s jerseys for practice; if you don’t own jerseys, athletic shirts and shorts are the best choices for you.

Compression Shorts

Similar to Spandex shorts, compression shorts are made up of a stretchy material that forms your body and produces pressure on your thighs and butts, giving you a locked-in feeling that helps you move freely during a game. 

Also, compression shorts give you comfort while also helping to prevent strains and injuries. That’s why having several pairs of these shorts is always needed for athletes.

Athletic Socks

Just like any pair of shoes, socks are a must-have clothing item for every athlete. They create additional comfort and support for your ankles and feet, preventing you from having blisters and ankle injuries. 

Some players even suggest wearing two pairs of socks to give your legs more stability.

Sports Bras

This clothing item is extremely important to female basketball players. Sports bras aren’t only comfortable to wear, but they also give female players extra support under their jerseys. It also helps them to move freely during games and practice sessions.


Slides are an excellent footwear choice for almost any basketball player. 

You might notice that players always wear slides while getting ready for a game or when they’re leaving the court. That’s because they’re comfortable to wear and are easy to slide on and off.

Basketball Sneakers

Of course, you have to have your pair of basketball sneakers ready for a game or practice. Basketball shoes are designed specifically for the sport since they’ll give you that gripping and bouncy feature that’s essential for your performance. 

Make sure to find the pair of basketball shoes that best fit and are comfortable for your feet. If not, wearing the wrong pair can cause major injuries to your ankles.


Cooling Towels

You need something to wipe away all those sweats and cool your body down; that’s when a cooling towel can be your savior! 

You can soak the towels in cold water in advance, then drape the towel around your neck to provide instant temperature relief for the body. 

Cotton towels usually are the best choice for sports because they’re absorbent and can dry fast. If you want your towels to dry even faster, opt for microfiber towels.

Athletic Tape

When you need extra support for your ankles, wrists, or arms, you can apply athletic tape to those areas. 

Athletic tape can help you maintain the position of your muscles and bones, which can minimize pain and injuries. This is an important item for those recovering from an injury who need additional protection.


A convenient feature of many smartwatches that every athlete will need is a heart rate monitor. While it’s not a necessary item to have during a game, having a smartwatch during your basketball practices sessions can be a good thing to consider. 

The heart rate monitor feature in most smartwatches can help you keep a close eye on how your body and heart perform during workouts and training.


Headgears are another useful item that can help you feel comfortable during training sessions. Headgears like headbands are helpful since they keep sweat from your eyes, which might cause burning and stinging sensations during intense games.

Also, if you have long hair, ten hairbands are essential items you’ll always need. Keep your hair away from the face to help you move without any distractions. 

You wouldn’t want those sweat drips or little hair strands to distract you from the game, right?


Music can be a huge motivator when it comes to workouts and basketball practices. If you don’t enjoy the music that’s being played in the stadium, you can always bring your headphones and jam to your favorite music

If possible, you can invest in a quality pair of headphones that is wireless and sweat-resistant.

Water Bottles

A water bottle is something you should never forget to bring to your games and training. A sip of water can help to hydrate and energize your body, especially after hard and tiring practice. 

Fill the bottle from customwater.com with water, Powerade, or other sports drinks to keep your body hydrated and awake!


While people may have different opinions on what their essential basketball gear is, make sure to pack your basketball bag with items that are most important to your needs. 

We hope this article gives you an idea or reminds you of some helpful items, whether you’re going to basketball practice or competing in a game. 

If there’re any other essentials that we've missed, make sure to leave them in the comments!


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