Hitting a baseball is one of the greatest challenges an athlete can accomplish. 

By following the best hitting tips for new baseball players, you will notice differences in your swing. Plus, starting good habits now will benefit you as long as you play the game.

Choose the Right Bat

Deciding on what bat to use may sound simple for a novice who believes style is the most important thing. However, choosing the right bat involves more thorough research than how it looks on your shoulder.

Look at a sizing chart, and follow its recommendation to help narrow the search. You don't want to use a bat that you can barely swing. A too-long or too-heavy bat will impair one's hitting ability. 

Also, you must check that the bat is legal in your league. Some leagues have limitations on bat specifications to prevent severe injuries from baseballs.

Use a Consistent Batting Stance

It may be tempting to imitate your favorite baseball player's swing, but it may not lead to the best results. 

You want to feel good when you step into the batter's box and using a batting stance that you feel comfortable with goes a long way.

Where and how you stand in the box is a matter of preference, as you can see from watching any baseball game. 

Some ballplayers like crowding the plate, whereas others like having an open stance to turn on an inside pitch easily. You can tinker with your style to see what suits you best but stick to it once you find the answer.

Attack Early in the Count

This tip is relevant for amateur players getting their feet wet in the game. Swinging earlier in the count gives you a better chance of hitting a good pitch. 

Even at the most elementary levels, most pitchers try to get ahead in the count with a quick strike. Those "get me over" pitches are the best to attack, so don't hesitate if one comes your way. 

If you get ahead in the count, you can pounce on the fastball coming. The more you learn the game's nuances, the better chance you have at making contact.

Don't Expect Perfection

The best tip for becoming a better hitter is to have a short-term memory and realize that you will fail more than you succeed. 

Even the most elite baseball players make outs, look foolish at the plate, and don't make contact. So don't lose your cool when you strike out or make a weak out. Roll with the punches and take each failure as a learning experience. 

Considering you will fail 70 percent of the time, you will learn a lot.


Following the best hitting tips for new baseball players can take your game to the next level, making you feel like a professional when you step onto the plate. 

Learning how to hit is just a fraction of what makes you a formidable ballplayer, but it makes you shine the most.


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