As spring arrives, the weather warms up. You will want to get outside to enjoy some fresh air. You may have been cooped up over the winter and stuck doing indoor activities. 

There are so many great options for outdoor spring sports. Here are some you should start playing this year. 


Golf is a relaxing sport that requires you to spend hours outdoors to complete the round. Golf is played on a course that usually offers rounds of nine holes or 18 holes. Generally, you finish a round of golf at your own pace. 

The sport has a meditative quality in going through the holes and deciding what club to hit and where to aim the ball. Golf is an individual sport, and there is no pressure on your performance. 

To play golf, you will need to buy or rent a set of golf clubs. You will also have to get some golf balls and tees. 

If you have never played golf before, you should seek a pro for some lessons or tips to get you started.


Some baseball fans mark the start of spring as the beginning of the baseball season. As such, this sport is one of the most popular spring activities. 

Baseball is played with teams, so you will need to find a team to join. Most areas have baseball leagues for persons of all ages. The only equipment you need is a bat, glove, and baseball. 

Bats and baseball gloves are made in all sizes for adults, teens, and children, so you need to select the correct fit. In addition to providing an outlet for exercise, baseball is a social activity that will allow you to expand your network of friends.


Another great sport to try when the weather warms up is tennis. Tennis is played on a court between either two players or four players. 

Two players engage in a singles match, while four players play two per side as doubles. Your strategy will be different for singles than it is for doubles.

You will need a tennis court to play on, a racquet and a tennis ball. Most localities have public tennis courts available for use. 

If you cannot find an opponent to play against, you can opt for renting a ball machine. A ball machine holds many tennis balls and launches them at you to hit back. Some players use the ball machine to practice their skills.


Volleyball is another great outdoor sport that has multiple options. Most outdoor matches are played on sand. There is a beach volleyball format that is two persons versus two. 

There are also matches with larger teams playing against each other. Recreation areas in your town probably have a volleyball court. There may also be a league you can sign up for to compete on a team if they. 

Most of the equipment for volleyball is usually provided by the court owner, such as the net and the ball. However, you may want to invest in some knee pads or elbow pads to reduce scraping in these areas.


Lacrosse is a team sport that is active and exciting. Your team will be trying to score more points than the other team. Players use their sticks to pass a ball around and shoot on goal. 

You would need a stick, body pads, and a helmet for equipment. Lacrosse is a contact sport, so you need to be prepared to run into other people while playing. 

This activity is not usually offered through public venues, but you can find a privately run lacrosse association to join to get in some playing time.


Spring is an inspiring time for most people. You should take advantage of the improved weather and try something new. 

Getting exercise outdoors has been shown to have multiple health benefits and improve your mental outlook. These extraordinary sports can help you get active and stay active.


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