One sport can be considered the best to bet on, but it really depends on the strategy and what you will enjoy the most. The top picks in this guide are football, tennis, boxing, MMA, and horse racing. 

Read on to see why we chose them, and don’t forget to use Caesar's sportsbook promo code to get any available bonuses and promotions.


Football has captured hearts and minds across the globe. As a result, innumerable competing operators exist on the market. Even the top sportsbooks consistently offer excellent odds on significant events.

Thanks to the strategic nature of football betting, it has become home to the most exciting markets. Apart from great odds, there are always enticing promotions to be found.


MMA presents the perfect middle ground between huge, frequent fights and excellent odds. 

Major events, promotional opportunities, and scheduled fight cards make it easy to enjoy watching and making money from the best combat athletes worldwide. 

This sport is essentially more scheduled in nature, meaning that you have enough time to do research and analyze the upcoming events before placing a wager. 


Many fans think one-on-one matches and tennis, in general, is the best sport to bet on. It’s action-packed, and you can bet on every game, set, and even point. 

You can watch amazing competitions streamed live and leading events like the US Open and Wimbledon with their sensational odds. Licensing rights in tennis tend to be laxer than in other sports.


Most sports that are good to bet on have scheduled events at regular intervals. Boxing departs from this rule. This game centers on big-money games. 

They are not scheduled, which means something unexpected can culminate in a spectacular wagering extravaganza. Operators will offer many splendid, dedicated promotions to stand apart from the crowd.

Horse Racing

This sport often offers great odds, making it one of the most popular sports to bet on. The main reason for this is how prominent BOG promotions are. 

These are unique to horseracing and give you a great advantage where strategy is concerned. On that note, have a look at the final section on strategy. 

Betting on horse races feels like the only authentic form of sports betting for many people. Many pro gamblers started with these bets. 

Live coverage is widely available, making bettors feel like they are physically on the track. The sport offers lots of possibilities to win due to an epic range of spectacular markets. 

One can make the most of those possibilities, turning this into a big positive.


The following sports betting strategy is effective in every state where sports betting is legal.

Of all the strategies that might occur to you or that you’ve read about, betting against the public is probably the most effective. This is because bookies shade lines based on their forecasts of public behavior. 

When a team with a solid and devoted fan base is playing, one can assume most fans will bet on that team. Bet on the underdog if a perpetual winner is playing.


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