Professional sports teams need high-quality stadiums to serve both fans and players alike. Stadium managers know that a great stadium can make even the worst games more enjoyable. 

However, great stadiums require careful planning and installation. In this guide, you will learn how to create a better experience at your stadium.

Add Local Flourishes

Any sports team should be the pride of their community. 

You can enhance the fan experience by adding local flourishes to your stadium by serving local delights at the concession stands, putting up pictures or statues of past heroes, or decorating the stadium’s entrance with local memorabilia. 

These details will help fans feel more at home when they’re cheering on their favorite team.

Make Sure There’s Adequate Cell Reception

Fans create lifelong memories when they’re cheering in the stands, but memories can get spotty over time. 

For this reason, many people like to take pictures at games and post them on social media. Unfortunately, when there’s poor cell phone reception in the stadium, this can be frustrating for fans. 

You can prevent this situation by installing a distributed antenna system in your stadium so everyone can enjoy a high-quality cellular connection while they’re at the game. 

If you’re wondering what a distributed antenna system is used for, it boosts cellular frequencies throughout a given area. 

Offer a Variety of Seats

Stadiums can generate greater revenue and serve fans better by offering various seating options to catch the big game. 

Whether it’s bleachers, box seats, or stands, giving fans plenty of choices for viewing the game is a win for everyone. 

Trying out different options, such as souvenir cushions or reclining seats, helps you distinguish your stadium from others throughout the country.

Offer Interactive Activities On-Site

During a particularly long game, kids might get bored or rambunctious. You can keep them entertained by offering interactive activities somewhere in the stadium, such as an area for throwing balls. 

The parents will thank you for it!


Overall, a great stadium can entice talented players to join a team and get die-hard fans to pay top dollar. 

Now that you know how to create a better experience at your stadium, you can benefit every sports lover in your area.


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