Despite the growing popularity of working from home, many people still need to travel frequently for work. If fitness is a big part of your lifestyle, you may have mixed feelings about business trips. 

It can be exciting to break up your normal routine and travel to new places for business or pleasure, but how can you make sure that your fitness goals are not compromised?

First of all, do not worry about being perfect. It is okay and sometimes necessary to deviate from your normal routines while traveling, but you can maintain fitness goals by recognizing which parts of your travel schedule are within your control. 

A strategic travel fitness plan will serve you well no matter where you end up going.

Develop a Fitness Routine You Can Do Anywhere

Everyone has different fitness goals and interests. Thinking about your most important fitness goals will help you develop a customized plan for fitness on the go

Whether you are a yogi or a bodybuilder, you can find excellent low-maintenance exercises to help you maintain your current fitness levels or even try something new.

Examples of popular hotel room exercises include:

  • Alternating Lunges
  • Burpees
  • Planks
  • Suitcase Crunches
  • Push-Ups
  • Hamstring Stretches

If you search online and create a list of exercises that are compatible with your fitness goals, you can create a customized workout plan that you can take to any hotel room on any trip. 

Travel workouts may even be a good opportunity for you to fill in gaps in your current training regimen. 

For example, many weightlifters and other athletes neglect stretching, so if you travel regularly, you could choose to focus your travel workouts on exercises that increase flexibility. 

When you return home, you will feel refreshed and you will be eager to pick up your regular fitness routine.

Have a Nutrition Plan for Each Trip

It is normal to eat out at restaurants and break your normal nutrition habits while traveling. However, you do not have to return home lamenting the poor diet choices you made on your trip. 

You can find a balance by creating a plan to include healthy meals on your trip. 

For example, if you know that you will likely be going out for dinner and drinks with coworkers most nights of the trip, you can take control of your diet by making sure that you eat a healthy breakfast and lunch every day.

You can plan for this in advance by inquiring about meal options at the hotel or by searching for nearby restaurants that can serve you a quick and healthy meal. 

You can also bring along some of your favorite healthy snacks from home to help you stay on track and boost your morale throughout the day. It is easier to stick to a travel fitness routine if you eat well and feel healthy.

Try a New Fitness Class 

Low-maintenance hotel room workouts are great, but you might feel more energized in a group setting. 

If you are in an exciting new city and you have time to explore, consider signing up for a class at a local fitness center. This can be a great way to meet like-minded people and get your blood flowing after a long flight or car ride.

You can start by using GPS to find nearby gyms that catch your eye. Fitness centers such as martial arts gyms and yoga studios often advertise their classes on their social media accounts. 

You may even find free events such as outdoor yoga classes at a local park or a run club.

Pair Exercise With Sightseeing

If your schedule allows for it, search online for opportunities to get outdoors and exercise at a local park or nature preserve. Are there any good hikes nearby? 

If so, it could be a great opportunity to stay active while experiencing a new place. Bring a friend or coworker along; it could end up being the highlight of your trip!

Make Time To Decompress

Travel can be stressful, even when it is something exciting that you are looking forward to. 

The process of getting up early, rushing to the airport, going through security, and sitting for long hours on a crowded plane can take a toll both mentally and physically. 

Make sure you have carved out some time for relaxation after your arrival. This could involve lounging on the bed watching TV, meditating, or taking a long bath.


Sticking to a fitness routine will be easier if your mind is clear and free from excessive travel-related stress. Treat yourself with care, and be sure to relax if you do not feel up for a workout right after you arrive at your destination.

Although travel can be disruptive to your normal fitness schedule, planning and self-care go a long way in helping you stay engaged in maintaining your fitness.


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