Summer sports are a lot of fun for athletes. However, the exercise involved can be really draining, especially if you haven't properly prepared for practice. 

If you're hoping to avoid this conundrum, here are three ways to keep your energy up when playing summer sports.

Get Enough Sleep

The first and most important thing you can do to maintain energy is sleep. While this may seem easy, getting a sufficient night's rest is abnormal for many people. 

Start by calculating the hours you'll need. In order to get a full night of rest, you'll want to be asleep for seven to nine hours. Eight is generally the goal. 

Therefore, you may need to go to bed early, especially if your game or practice starts in the morning. If you aren't used to this, you'll want to try some sleep techniques.

First off, your actual bed should be as comfortable as possible. Because of this, you might need to rethink things like mattress sizes

Also, it's essential to cut yourself off from electronics before bed. Using your phone can strain your eyes and encourage going on social media. Therefore, it can be useful to read a good book instead. 

Next, try drinking something warm and comforting. Chamomile tea and hot chocolate are always great choices. 

Finally, you'll want to make your environment as cozy as possible. Use a diffuser, play some white noise and enjoy your rest.

Eat Mindfully

The way you eat before, during, and after practice has a huge effect on your energy. However, it's important to remember that harmful dieting shouldn't be utilized. 

Simply eat mindfully in order to get the maximum energy possible. At the beginning of the day, you'll want to get some light protein into your system. Peanut butter and healthy breakfast meats are great options. 

It's also important to eat some leafy greens. While this may sound unappetizing, greens like spinach and kale are extremely healthy and a huge source of energy. If you don't want to taste the vegetables, you can always make a fruity smoothie with some greens tossed in.

During practice, you'll want to avoid eating sugary and protein-heavy foods. If you need a snack, stay light. 

A banana or some fruit snacks are sufficient choices. Generally, unless you have a long lunch break, it's smart to avoid anything that'll make you nauseous on the field.

After practice, you can eat a more fulfilling meal. Start eating about an hour afterward to avoid stomach cramps. 

If you're going to have practice again later, you'll want to avoid having a carb-heavy dish. While spaghetti or pizza may sound appetizing, it will only drain your energy.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is extremely important when playing a sport. If you allow yourself to get dehydrated on the field, you will almost certainly lose energy. 

You may also get cramps and even pass out. Therefore, you'll want to bring at least one water bottle with you. Be sure to invest in a reusable bottle that can be filled up.

In order to get the most energy possible, you may also want to bring a sports drink. Keep in mind that sports drinks and energy drinks are two different things. 

A sports drink like Gatorade can provide you with electrolytes and healthy sugars. An energy drink is liable to provoke shaking and vomiting, especially if you're playing in the sun. If you're stuck with an energy drink, stick to one bottle and take small sips. 

When you're drinking water, avoid taking large gulps. It can be tempting to chug your beverage, especially if you've been expending a lot of energy. 

However, this may cause stomach cramps and a short-term loss of energy. Instead, take large sips with breaks in between. 


Playing sports under the hot sun is bound to make you tired. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid a complete loss of energy. Try these options and see what works for you!


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