If you are a football coach, you’re obviously an NFL fanatic who dreams of coaching your team to the Super Bowl, and while that might be a tall order, fortune does favor the brave and there’s nothing wrong with setting the bar high. 

Coaching young kids requires careful planning, lots of tuition, practice, and hard work and we put together a few coaching tips to help your football team excel this season.

Forge Individual Relationships

While the team spirit is paramount and team talks are great, you do need to give every player in the squad time in which you can build trust. 

The top players need to be reminded they are human and should be role models for the younger players, while you can instill belief in up-and-coming players. 

A young person will move mountains to please their coach if they respect them, so get to know each and every squad member and make it clear that you are available at any time for a chat.

Online Coaching Packages

Check out the 20 offense and defense drills that come in this amazing coaching pack, Flag Football with Coach D, with all the playbooks and drills to ensure that your team enjoys a long winning streak. 

You get the full support of a well-known NFL coach whose seen it all, plus complete printable drill formations, with more than 200 plays represented. 

This is all a keen coach needs to put together a team that is well-drilled and knows its formations.

Be a Life-Long Learner

If you’re not already, you need to take onboard new things; we can all learn regardless of age and when you make a mistake, own up to it in front of your team and promise to improve. 

Leading by example is the best way to school young people, besides, a coach that thinks he knows it all is not the best role model. 

Think back to adults that had a positive impact on you when you were a young player and identify what it was about them that you admired. 

Sometimes, we need to see ourselves from another perspective, to keep our feet firmly on the ground. Click here for how Tom Brady enjoys getting older.

Control Your Emotions

This is what we tell our players to do when they run out onto the turf and if the coach gets angry easily, your players will be reluctant to engage with you.

If you get hammered and are having a post-game team talk, try not to be emotional; rather sit down with the guys and try to pinpoint the errors and be constructive with criticism.

Define Your Expectations

This is a critical part of helping players reach their fullest potential; a player needs to know what you expect from them and along with lots of motivation, they will improve. 

The NFL is a great motivation for young players and every kid should have a dream to play at the Super Bowl one day. With some great coaching, your team will enjoy a high level of success.


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