The NCAAF has seen an enormous amount of success within recent years, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Many players within the championship have gone on to become some of the most powerful and successful members of the NFL. 

Although the Buckeyes are well-known for their marching bands, it is their athletic ability and achievements within the championship that makes them such an essential team. 

Here is a complete look into the Ohio State Buckeyes, and what makes them such influential members of the NCAAF. For more information, check out the latest NCAAF odds.

Home Venues

Firstly, the Buckeyes weren’t always based in Ohio Stadium. The team originally called Recreation Park in Columbus their home. 

This was where they trained and played home games until 1897 when they moved to Ohio Field. It was the first stadium to be built on campus, which was dedicated to the Buckeyes specifically. 

However, with the growing popularity of the Buckeyes, and the NCAAF in general, a bigger venue was needed. This motivated the development of Ohio Stadium in 1922, which is the team’s home stadium today. 

With a capacity of more than 100,000, this venue is still serving the Buckeyes well almost a hundred years after the move. 


The Buckeyes have three main rivalries that are known for their immense playoffs and the huge amount of competition that is created during these games. 

The annual game between the University of Michigan and the Buckeyes from Ohio State has become known as “The Game” by many. 

This competition can be viewed on ABC, and the winners have consistently alternated throughout the years. 

This rivalry first started when the two teams went head-to-head in 1897 for the first time on the field, and it has always been one of the toughest competitions within the NCAAF. 

Another significant rivalry is between the Buckeyes and Illinois. The fight for the Illibuck Trophy has always divided crowds, and Ohio State is currently winning. This rivalry dates back to 1902 and is still one of the most significant out there for the Buckeyes. 

When Penn State was added to the big ten list, they became rivals of the Buckeyes. This is because of the higher number of games that the two played against each other after 1993. 

The Buckeyes are currently higher scorers than Penn State, although they have been known to challenge expectations. 


As a college football team, the Buckeyes have a highly impressive record for their athletic achievements. They have had six perfect seasons without losses or ties, and the football program at Ohio State is currently the highest valued in the country. 

The Buckeyes have also won 8 national championships, with their first happening during the 1942 regular season. 

The team has 41 conference titles, too. They are some of the highest achieving teams within the Eastern Conference of the NCAAF. 

Some of the most iconic coaches that led the Buckeyes' success include Woody Hayes. Hayes earned 1957 Coach of the Year recognition, as a result of his background knowledge as a player and efficient guidance. 

Other coaches that helped the Buckeyes achieve their success include Carroll Widdoes, Earle Bruce, and Jim Tressel. Each of these has earned AFCA Coach of the Year awards during their careers. 

Key Players

The Buckeyes team as a whole has been known to retire players’ numbers as a sign of appreciation, respect, and honor. Many players in the NFL are actually alumni from Ohio State University and former members of the Buckeyes. 

Archie Griffin was a particular player of note, who achieved numerous awards during his performance as a senior and a junior member of the Buckeyes. 

He won the Heisman Trophy twice during his time as a college football player, becoming the only player in history to do so. 

Griffin was a running back for the Buckeyes, who earned the Maxwell Award, the Walter Camp Award, and the Chicago Tribune Silver Football Award. Griffin’s jersey number has been retired by the Buckeyes, as a result of his achievements during the 1972-75 seasons. 

Another highly impressive player within the Buckeyes was Orlando Pace. The tackle received All-American honors twice during his time as a college football player, and he earned the Lombardi Award twice. 

Not only that, but Pace won the Outland Trophy and the Graham-George Offensive Player of the Year. Pace has also been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a result of huge accomplishments as an NFL player. 

Among other achievements, some of the highest-scoring individuals particularly stood out to talent scouts for the NFL. As a result, many Buckeyes players were drafted almost immediately after graduating from college. 


The NCAAF is one of the most intense championships out there. From setting new records to getting noticed by NFL recruiters, players are constantly striving towards something new. 

The standard for college football players is constantly changing, and they need to be well-rounded individuals who work well on and off the field. 

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