Depending on your location, you are probably celebrating the end of winter and the start of warm weather. Usually, when the temperature rises, that is enough for summer lovers to rejoice. 

However, when you emerge from your winter hibernation, one ideal way to take advantage of the upcoming summer months is by playing sports. These are eight of the best summer sports you can play.


As everyone already knows, baseball is America's favorite pastime. Not only is it fun to watch, but it is just as fun to play. 

Summer is the perfect month to show your love for baseball. Whether you want to sign up for a recreational league or want to hit an open field with some friends, now is the time to hit the field for some practice.

When you want to play softball, your ball is larger and softer, and the field is somewhat smaller. But, it is still an important sport. 

Also, the good news is that it is generally easier to find a softball league. Get your gloves and your softball bats and head to the field. 


Swimming is one of the few sports that exercises your entire body all at once. But, it is also a great way to beat the summer heat. 

It does not matter if you want to swim for fun or competition; summer is the perfect time to pick up with swimming. All that is left is hitting up the pool and diving in. 


If you are a tennis lover, then you are in luck. You can play tennis any time of the year. Especially with so many indoor tennis arenas popping up. 

Keep in mind that it is ideal to play outside for the fresh air, sunshine, and friendly competition. Also, tennis is an excellent workout. Just half an hour on the court, and you can see that is good exercise.


Soccer, or football if you live outside the United States, is another high-energy game and is a wonderful way to get in cardio while spending time with friends. 

If you are not sure how to play soccer, it is never too late to try and learn the game. Once you understand the basics, get out to a field and kick the ball around with a group of friends. 


Professional cycling is an extreme sport. But, do not worry if you are not on the professional level. 

There are numerous opportunities to grab your bike and hit the road with a calming bike ride. This scenic ride is the perfect way to exercise while you get where you need to go. 

Disc Golf

Disc golf combines frisbee and the game of golf. Believe it or not, this is a fun sport. Depending on where you live, there might be parks with a disc golf course already added to the grounds. 

Be mindful that as long as you are outside with family and friends, it is going to be a good time.


Heading to the beach to try your hand at surfing sounds like a fantastic way to spend the day. Or, maybe surfing is on your bucket list. 

Either way, if you are a newcomer, there are plenty of places that offer surf lessons. Grab your surfboard and head out to the water and catch some waves.

Beach Volleyball

When you combine sports with the beach, there is so much to love. And that is what you get when you play beach volleyball. 

It does not matter if you sign up for a recreational league or if you want to play with some real competition; this sport is an excellent way to work on your focus and teamwork. 


If you want to get in shape or have a summer of competition, these sports will do the trick. These sports are the ideal way to get in your exercise and get vitamin D. 

So grab some friends or family and start playing!


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