Soccer is gaining popularity here in the US; however, the field on which we play it is a contentious topic: Should it be natural grass? Or should leagues use artificial turf, a material that mimics grass? 

Each choice of field surface has its pros and cons, but today, we want to focus on why we think natural grass is better for soccer than artificial turf. 

Better Consistency

Natural grass fields are more consistent than artificial turf fields because natural grass doesn’t shift. 

With proper maintenance, natural grass also offers a more level playing surface, which, needless to say, is a major advantage for players.

Fewer & Less Serious Injuries

Many players, coaches, and parents agree that natural grass is better for soccer than artificial turf because it’s softer and more forgiving on the body if a player were to fall. 

Therefore, it’s less likely to cause serious injury. Furthermore, injuries can happen on an artificial turf field that’s not properly padded underneath. 

When players run and slide across this kind of surface, they’re more likely to get scraped up than they would if they were playing on natural grass.

Environmentally Friendlier

Artificial turf is made from plastic, rubber, and other petroleum products. As a result, it’s not biodegradable or recyclable. The production process also produces a significant amount of greenhouse gases, which are known to be agents of climate change. 

Plus, natural grass is a renewable resource that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution. Not to mention, it also reduces light pollution by absorbing light instead of reflecting it back into the atmosphere. 

And lastly, natural grass is a better option for our planet because it doesn’t require us to use any new materials while constructing the field. These factors undeniably make natural grass better than artificial turf for soccer. 

Better for the Game

You could argue that artificial turf has its place in the sport, but when you compare it to natural grass, turf just doesn’t measure up. 

Natural grass is safer for players, it helps the environment, and it’s better at reducing noise pollution from all those screaming fans.


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