Whatever your athletic pursuits, having the right gear adds to your success and safety. However, that same essential equipment also adds to your responsibilities, since it has to be maintained properly to keep you in the game. 

Maintaining your commitment to your favorite activity is a lot easier if you keep your gear as fit as you keep yourself.

Store Your Stuff Smart

One of the most basic factors in how well your sports gear holds up over time is how you treat it when you’re not using it. You can make putting away your equipment easier by starting with some carefully planned storage. 

It’s a good idea to store safety equipment, such as knee and elbow pads, helmets, and face masks separately from other gear. This will guard against the possibility of accidental damage that could compromise its ability to protect you.

You can find unique storage products specifically designed for your activity’s gear in any good sporting goods store, or you can create your own solutions that fit your garage or attic. 

The key to good equipment storage is making it both secure and accessible. Your bike can be safely kept out of the way with the help of a simple mounting bracket and a good step ladder

Balls dumped in a cardboard box may be good enough for quickly clearing up, but stackable clear bins will keep them better protected and make it easier to find the one you want. For bulky or more expensive equipment, you’ll probably want a dedicated closet or cabinet. 

For the safety of your equipment, the specific configuration of your storage is less important than your commitment to consistently use it.

Keep Your Gear Clean

Although nobody likes another chore added to their to-do list, maintaining your sports gear means keeping it clean. Failing to clean your equipment can affect more than its looks; over time it can impact performance as well. 

Dirt and grit can wear down protective coatings, shortening your equipment’s life span. The most essential step is to clean equipment immediately after use whenever possible. Leaving your gear damp and muddy can encourage mold and mildew growth.

Apart from cleaning promptly, the second most important consideration is choosing the right cleaner, preferably as mild as possible. 

Make sure you use the appropriate cleaner for leather shoes or anything made from high-tech materials. Since the point of keeping your equipment clean is to prolong its life, it would be a shame to accidentally do the opposite with the wrong cleaning methods.

Let Go When It’s Time

Getting rid of trusted gear that’s served you well may be hard to do, but sometimes you have to face the fact that equipment has reached the end of its useful life. 

Damaged or worn-out helmets and safety padding can make your favorite activity unduly dangerous. You may not care much if a ball is a bit scuffed or the grips on your favorite clubs look slightly worn. However, you can’t ignore wear and tear that affects function instead of just appearance.

Broken equipment can sometimes be repaired, but a repair that needs to be repeated is a red flag that its’ time for a replacement. Check especially for any loosening around seams or handles or any part of your gear that bears the most pressure or stress. 

Finally, you may want to occasionally check public product recalls to see if any gear you own has been declared unsafe, even if it’s still in good condition.


Your equipment makes it possible to make the most of the mental, social and health benefits you get from your favorite sports. 

These three simple steps can ensure that all-important gear never fails you.


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