No matter what level of baseball you play at, you definitely want the best glove for your baseball endeavors. Having a great baseball glove is key to being a great fielder. 

There are plenty of things to consider when deciding what is the best baseball glove for you. 

Here are some of the brands that we think are some of the best to choose from for your next baseball glove.


This brand of gloves works very well for those at the high school level. The glove offers a great padding wall that gets made from leather, so it is an excellent glove for any position on the field. 

While every baseball player knows that a line drive to the middle of the glove can leave a pretty good bruise, the leather in the palm of these gloves offers quite a bit of protection in this area.

The leather in this glove is also quite durable to ensure that the glove stays in the proper shape for quite a while. This construction also leads to a very easy break-in period when using this glove.

If you are the type of player that likes a glove with a little bit softer feel, this is a glove for you. The fact that this is a glove that comes in at a little bit lower price than some other models of gloves make this an even more attractive option.


Wilson gloves are unique because they offer a variety of materials, including leather, synthetic materials, and treated leather. If you are looking for a glove with a lighter feel, you may choose this model's mesh-backed glove. 

The synthetic model of this glove is great for younger players. It allows them a lightweight and durable glove that will let them grow throughout the years as they become more serious in their baseball endeavors. 

Some of the other great features of this glove include a moisture-resistant microfiber material that extends the longevity of this glove. In addition, this glove will not get weighed down by rain or wet grass, which allows the glove to stay intact. 

The comfort sleeve of the glove means that there will be less binding on the wrist for a more comfortable fit. 

In terms of the construction of the crucial part of the glove, Wilson put a thin piece of leather between the liner of the palm and the outer shell to increase stability. This additional padding will ensure less wear and tear on a player's hand when using this glove.

It is no wonder that so many professionals love to use Wilson gloves. Amateur players will love Wilson gloves for the combination of outstanding performance and durability throughout the life of the glove.


Rawlings is one of the leading sports equipment manufacturers, and they have a focused specialization in baseball equipment. Rawlings has more major league baseball players using their clubs than any other manufacturer.

This glove is so popular with professional athletes because this company thinks about what players will need from a glove as they create the glove. 

Their gloves are incredibly lightweight because of their hyper-shell design. This design can make these gloves up to 15% lighter than other types of gloves.

One of the other very unique construction features of these gloves is the fact that the palm and heel have no laces and the sleeves for both the pinky and thumb make the inside of the glove feel very comfortable and smooth.

Because Rawlings uses oiled shell leathers, the gloves are quite easy to break-in in a hurry. Even better, the glove will still do a great job of holding its shape after this break-in period. 


Finding the right baseball glove brand often comes down to a matter of preference for the baseball player. 

When you combine a wide variety of purchase price points as well as great construction and performance, any of these models is sure to be a winner with baseball players.


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