Did you know that it was possible to stand-up paddleboard during the wintertime? In fact, participating in some of your favorite sports during the off-season can be an exhilarating and fun experience. 

However, the sport will change due to the weather, so it’s important that you understand the tips and tricks of paddleboarding during the winter so that you can stay safe. 

Use our best advice below—don’t forget to enjoy yourself out there!

Don’t Forget to Bundle Up

It’s quite obvious that colder weather will call for warmer clothes. While you don’t want to bundle yourself up to the point that you cannot move, you will need layers of thick clothing to protect your skin and keep you warm.

The best way to go about this is to dress in layers. Start with a moisture-wicking base and add layers on top to protect yourself from wind and freezing temperatures. It is crucial that you also wear a hat and gloves so that you aren’t exposing too much skin.

Stay Near the Shoreline

It may be tempting to paddle as far out as possible like you do in the summer, but the further you get from shore, the more dangerous it becomes in the event you fall into the water and cannot get back out. 

If you stay close to the shoreline and fall in, you can easily stand up and walk back to land to get warm. Hypothermia can happen within minutes of falling into cold waters—we recommend paddling no further than 15 feet from shore.

Do Not Paddle Over Ice

Paddling over ice seems like fun, but it could put you in a predicament. Ice can be very unpredictable—plus, it can be sharp and cumbersome. Just as you’re told not to walk over ice, do not paddleboard over ice, either. 

Stay on the water where the surface is smooth with minimal waves to avoid falling in.

Paddle With a Buddy & Only During the Daytime

All the same stand-up paddleboarding laws that apply during summer also apply to winter paddling. You must never participate in this water sport alone. 

It’s always a wise decision to bring a friend in case anything goes wrong. In addition to this, you should never paddle during the nighttime. Temperatures drop drastically at night, and you no longer have great visibility—remember to only go out during the daytime.


Do you think you’ll brave the cold and go paddleboarding during the winter this year? 

Other advice we can offer is to check the weather before you go, ensure you have a SUP leash on your board, and consider packing a warm-up kit just in case you fall in. 

If you love the rush of adrenaline, try out paddleboarding this winter—it will be an experience you cannot recreate during any other season!


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