Basketball has become one of the fastest-growing sports around the globe. Nowadays, even kids play basketball in playgrounds across the country, mostly because of its fun factor. 

Basketball is the most played sport across the globe. The rules of the roulette en ligne game are set out in the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) rule book. 

Other regulations govern players such as referees and coaches. Let's see below some of the basketball rules that every player must know.

3-Point Shot

There is a standard score for this shot: two points if it goes into the basket (and misses); one point if it only touches the rim (and misses), and zero points if it falls short. A team can make an additional free throw after each missed field goal or following a turnover. 

In addition to the scoring, there is another important rule that a team should always keep in mind when shooting from beyond the arc: no player may step more than five feet behind the 3-point line once possession passes to him/her.

Since it is so prevalent in today's game, learning all the rules encompassing how to shoot 3 Pointers is extremely important and beneficial for a beginner player. 

Free Thrrows

Like all regular baskets, free throws count two points if they go through; one point if they touch the rim but fail to fall inside the basket; zero point if they miss completely. If a player misses four consecutive free throws, he/she automatically gets ejected from the game.


The first foul occurs with contact between the ball handler and a defender anywhere on the court during a pass, drive, cut or screen. It’s worth noting that the ball cannot be touched by any player while defending a teammate. 

The second foul occurs when a player contacts an opponent above the shoulders. From here on, the fouled player loses his/her ability to shoot until the end of the half. 

For technical fouls, the offender will receive a warning from the referee. He/She will then get ejected from the real money casino game if he/she commits a third foul.

Blocked Shots

A blocked shot occurs when any part of the body except the hands of a player makes contact with the ball before it goes through the hoop. The number of blocked shots determines what happens next. 

Three or fewer blocks do not result in a flagrant foul call. Four or five results in ejection from the game and disqualification for the rest of the season. 

Six or seven calls for immediate disqualification. Eight or nine calls for suspension. Ten plus leads to fines and suspensions.


In conclusion,  knowing these basketball rules will help you understand better how the game plays out. 

And since you have to follow them so closely, it’d be best to learn about them ahead of time and practice them before your next game.


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