It is easy to believe elite athletes are gifted with some supernatural ability, but the truth is that they work hard. 

Of course, genetics does play a role in someone's innate ability, but even then, staying fit and churning out peak performances does not just happen. 

If you want to keep company with the best, follow these pointers and push your limits. 

Keep the Competition Real

If you sit back on the sofa and spend more time surfing the channels than pumping iron, chances are you will not see the results you want. 

On the other hand, if you cultivate the right training ethic, find a hypertrophy program and resolve to meet challenges with your best efforts, the outcomes should be more attainable. 

This dedication might not be the formula for someone with a casual interest, but if you seek maximum development, you must be prepared to grind daily.

Find New Ways to Excel

Impediments and obstructions are bound to creep into the journey toward achievement. When those moments present themselves, be prepared to confront them head-on. 

High-performance fitness requires an open mind. If a skill is difficult to master, seek professional guidance or record yourself in the act. 

Plowing through exercises is not always possible, and you could sustain an injury because of an incorrect technique or form. Asking for help and finding a new approach proves your desire to outmatch previous milestones. 

Feed the Machine

It might not matter what mental drive you possess if you do not provide your muscles with the proper nutrition or hydration they need to stay healthy. 

Top athletes know amino acids and other essential molecules are at the core of building a solid system. Couple the correct number of calories with progressive overload to build muscle safely and strategically. 

Refuse to Quit

In an ideal world, every trip to the gym would fly by with ease. The reality, however, is that everyone has an off day where a fifty-pound weight feels like five times that much. 

Those days contest even the most fierce resolve, and refusing to give in can move you to an exclusive level. Gold medalist Lindsey Vonn may be the epitome of overcoming injuries and setbacks to chase her dreams.

Study the Process

Do not begin the adventure to greatness without a plan. Instead, create a calendar where you can schedule workouts and record growth. 

Take pictures or videos at regular intervals so you can measure advancements. In addition, learn from those who have come before you. Read memoirs or autobiographies of fitness pioneers and try to adapt their methodologies to fit you. 

Another option could be to attend a conference or informational class near you to hear what the experts recommend.

Monitor Progress

Coaches and trainers keep a close watch on their charges' evolution. While you may not be in the position to hire someone who can focus on you alone, there are still ways to track improvements. 

Use the notes section of your cellphone to record new bests. Keep a journal in your gym locker and write a summary at the end of each visit. When your form starts to suffer, be smart enough to step back. 

Remain Humble

One of the fastest ways to fall is by failing to check your ego at the door. Yes, you want to go heavy and hard, but taking on more than you are capable of is dangerous. 

The alternative is to increase in smaller, manageable increments that are done correctly. Be proud without being arrogant.


It is good to have role models who challenge you to try harder. That said, motivation can also come from a variety of places. 

When you want to dominate the field, you have to be willing to go further than you may have before.


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