The NFL is one of the most popular sports competitions, and rivalries make it even more exciting. It’s no coincidence that stadiums are fully packed when rival teams clash because a lot more is at stake. 

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Interestingly, some NFL rivalries have been going on for decades, while others started not so long ago. Other strifes have come due to switching coaches, while some teams can’t share the number one spot in their region. 

Without hesitation, here are some of the best NFL rivalries that have happened over the years.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Though there have been many NFL rivalries, things have taken a new turn between the Bengals and the Steelers. 

This has been reflected during multiple events, including Kimo Von Oelhoffen smashing Carson Palmer and destroying his ACL and Vontaze Burfict knocking out Antonio Brown. 

Whatever the occasion, you can always expect their games to be intense; more often than not, the paramedics are usually involved.

Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

With 184 matches between the Packers and Bears since 1921, the teams’ rivalry is the most-played event in NFL history. 

Most of this rivalry is fostered by the two being the most successful franchises in the league, with 22 NFL championships combined, five of which are Super Bowls. 

They also have 48 players in the Hall of Fame who have made impressive NFL records which is more than any other rivalry in the NFL.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has ignited more of the rivalry against the Bears as of recent, saying to Bears fans that he "owns" them during a victory against Chicago last year. 

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants

The rivalry between these teams started in 1933 when the Giants whooped the Eagles 56-0. Since then, the teams have met a ridiculous 160 times, with the Giants leading their total scores with an 83-75-2 record. 

As a result of their rivalry, there have been numerous memorable moments, the most recent one involving DeSean Jackson’s last-second touchdown for the Eagles.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders

The Chiefs and Raiders are among the most successful franchises in the NFL, with two of the best fanbases in American Football. 

Because of this success, the two teams have grown into a very intense rivalry. They’ve met 106 times since the inception of the American Football League in 1960, and the Chiefs currently hold the lead with a 55-47-2 record.

New England Patriots vs. New York Jets

The New England Patriots and New York Jets owe their rivalry to a coach named Bill Parcels. He left the Patriots to lead the Jets in 1996, which made him the Patriots’ top enemy. 

By extension, this enmity also applied to the Jets, as the Patriots considered them to have stolen their coach.

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

What makes the tension between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers so exciting is that it has spread to other sports played by these two states. 

Simply put, the teams from both Minnesota and Wisconsin can’t stand each other. So far, the Packers and Vikings have participated in the Super Bowl nine times, where the Packers have won four times and the Vikings none.

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants

The story of the rivalry between these two teams goes back to 1960, when the Giants’ coach, Tom Landry, left the team to head the Cowboys. 

He went on to lead the Cowboys for 29 seasons, winning two Super Bowls and 5 NFC Championships. During this time, his score against the Giants has been an outstanding 35-17-2, further encouraging the team to train harder and beat his team.

New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons

The New Orleans Saints rivalry with the Atlanta Falcons is among the newer ones within the NFL. But don’t let this lack of history fool you. 

It’s still among the best rivalries in the league, with legendary players like Tony Gonzales, Jimmy Graham, Matt Ryan, Roddy White, and Drew Brees dominating their matches.

New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers and Patriots have been among the most successful franchises in the NFL, with each having six Super Bowl wins, respectively. 

It’s this outstanding success that has caused the two teams to clash on numerous occasions creating a fascinating rivalry.

Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals

So famous is the rivalry between the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Brown that it has been dubbed the ‘Battle of Ohio.’ The teams originate from cities that are only 250 miles apart, making their competition to become the region’s reigning champions intense. 

It also doesn’t help that their two coaches, Art Modell and Paul Brown, are enemies and constantly fuel the rivalry even when off the field.

NFL Rivalries Are a Premium Source of Entertainment

Like most other popular sports, the rivalries between NFL teams create a lot of excitement for players and fans. That’s because most of us count wins against rivals bigger than any other event in the league. 

We also end up watching and betting on many more rival matches than other games, further boosting their popularity.


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