Resolving to get in shape could be the start of a dramatic change in your life that helps you achieve everything that you set out to accomplish. 

Here are some tips to get fit and sustain your results.

Build Strong Lateral Muscles

Overemphasis on muscle groups in your upper arms without adequate attention to your neck and back could make you more vulnerable to training injuries. 

Exercises that target this area will stabilize the muscle groups that you’re constantly pushing to the max while making you more resilient against inflammation-induced injuries. 

Developing this area requires assiduous physical effort, but it’s going to increase your upper body strength considerably. 

Exercises using your own body weight can increase lateral muscle size, but making a big addition of muscle is likely to require training with equipment or resistance bands. 

Putting some time into working out this muscle group a minimum of three times a week can generate the visible results that you want.

Getting a sufficient amount of protein and being conscientious about your intake of specific amino acids can be critical. 

No matter how much work you put into building massive lats, you have to give your body the building blocks that it needs to facilitate this type of muscular transformation. 

Work Out in a Group Class

A great thing about structured fitness programs is that it takes some of the guesswork and decision-making about what you’re going to do to amass lean muscle. 

When you’re taking your cues from a knowledgeable instructor, it’s a workout experience that you can feel really immersed in. 

You don’t have to summon the energy to decide what muscles you want to exercise or deliberate about how many reps you should be doing. All you’ve got to do is show up, listen, and do the work.

Enrolling in a class might also be a strategic way to solidify your commitment to your fitness goals. You probably won’t be quick to make excuses about why you don’t have time to work out when you’ve committed to being somewhere at a set time every week. 

You want your money’s worth, and you want to optimize the benefit that a program is designed to give you. 

Working out in a group setting can be really energizing, and you may find that it’s simply just more fun that being in your own private exercise bubble. Engaging with a group keeps you motivated.

Find a Great Personal Trainer

If you’re kind of uneasy about a group setting in a gym, one-on-one instruction may be a better option than group classes for building some structure into your fitness regimen. 

A good personal trainer can assess where you are now with strength and endurance and work with you to set goals that are reasonable but progressively difficult.

A personal trainer is working for you, but you’re going to be accountable to that person. That level of accountability can keep your perspective balanced and forward-thinking. 

Embrace Neutral Thinking

For optimal physical conditioning, you also need to put some effort into mental conditioning. Thinking naturally could play a key role in reaching the goals that you set out for yourself. 

Neutral evaluations of what you need to do to hit various benchmarks is going to help you reach each one. For athletes, neutral thinking can promote more focus in training and prevent you from getting frustrated about setbacks.


Pursuing effective measures to get in shape gives you a way to protect your physical well-being, enhance athletic performance, and boost your energy levels. 

The sooner you start moving towards your goals, the sooner you’ll see results. 


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