One thing we’ve learned from the coronavirus pandemic is that people can reach their fitness goals without leaving home and going to the gym. 

You can fit out your home gym with various equipment, from cardio machines to weight benches. In some cases, your home gym may be limited in space. 

One product you can buy without worrying about having enough space is a dumbbell, perhaps the only piece of equipment you need in your home gym to stay in shape.

Dumbbells are one of the most popular choices for strength training as they help you lose fat, build muscle, and improve heart health, to name just a few benefits. 

You can perform several exercises with dumbbells, all of which require lifting the dumbbell in a direction to engage your muscles. 

Dumbbells have always been an ideal product because of their compact size, but in recent years, the popularity of adjustable dumbbells has surged.

PowerGym Fitness is a supplier of commercial gym equipment that has seen an increase in people seeking dumbbells for home workouts, including their 40kg adjustable dumbbells

In this article, PowerGym Fitness will explain more about adjustable dumbbells, including what they are and why they may be a worthy purchase for you.

What Are Adjustable Dumbbells?

There are usually two types of dumbbells that fitness enthusiasts can consider: fixed dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells. 

Fixed dumbbells do as they say; they offer a dumbbell with a fixed weight plate. For instance, you may have a 5kg fixed dumbbell, which means it features a weight of 5kg, no more and no less.

An adjustable dumbbell, believe it or not, is adjustable! Adjustable dumbbells allow you to adjust the weight to suit your workout. 

So if you need a heavier or lighter weight for a specific exercise, you can select the preferred weight within the single dumbbell. There’s no need to own multiple dumbbells, as the single product contains multiple weight settings.

Adjustable dumbbells work by having a mechanism that swaps to a different weight plate when activated. These dumbbells can vary by manufacturer, with different price ranges, maximum weights, and weight increments. 

Adjustable dumbbells are more fragile than fixed dumbbells, so it’s critical to invest in a high-quality product from a reputable brand.

Is An Adjustable Dumbbell Worth It?

So now that you know what adjustable dumbbells are, the vital question is, are they worth it? Adjustable dumbbells do come with a wide range of excellent benefits. 

The core feature of these dumbbells is that they save space and provide the perfect solution for home gyms with limited space. 

Adjustable dumbbells mean you don’t need to store multiple weights of varying sizes, helping you maintain a pleasant and organized workout area free of clutter.

Adjustable dumbbells are also excellent for saving you time and increasing efficiency. Your workout time is limited enough, so why spend more time than necessary to replace dumbbells? 

There’s no need to continuously pick up, swap, and safely store dumbbells, as the single dumbbell has the weight increments required. You can focus your time and attention on what matters, working on your muscle groups. 

If you’re spending the night at a friend’s house, you can take the adjustable dumbbell with you, ensuring you don’t miss out on your daily workout. Forget about carrying multiple dumbbell sets around with you!

If you’re following instructions from an online class, you may sometimes find it challenging to keep up if you don’t have the same equipment, preventing you from maximizing the exercise. 

With an adjustable dumbbell, you can rest assured that you will likely at least have the exact weight sizes as the instructor. Finally, adjustable dumbbells are highly versatile, opening you up to a new range of workouts.

Adjustable dumbbells have some downsides and may not be the best solution for everyone. The dumbbells can be relatively expensive, which makes sense with what you get, including several weights in one product! 

The price is worth it if you intend to use multiple weights, but if you know the exact size you need and plan to stay on for a while, it might be best to opt for a fixed dumbbell.

Adjustable dumbbells have a learning curve and can take some getting used to, especially if you’re not used to their unusual feel and shape. 

However, the equipment can be rewarding when mastered. The dumbbells are not expandable, so if you reach the max strength, you will need to buy a new dumbbell with a larger size. 

Adjustable dumbbells can be more sensitive when dropped, so extra care must be taken when handling and storing the dumbbells to prevent damage.


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