It’s brilliant to get tickets to a game, but you don’t have to miss out if there are no seats left or you can’t face making a long journey. For many sports fans, tailgate parties are a highlight in the calendar. 

Offering a golden opportunity to hang out with friends and fellow supporters, what could be better than cheering on your favorite players with music, a few drinks, and some delicious food?

If you’re thinking about hosting a gathering, putting plans together for a pre-game drink, and you’re keen to flex your skills, this guide has everything you need for the ultimate tailgate party. 

Choosing a Location

Traditionally, a tailgate party takes place outside a stadium before or after a big game or a concert, but there’s nothing to stop you from organizing a party in a different location if you fancy a change of scenery or your team is playing away from home. 

Backyard tailgates have become more popular in recent years. If you’re hosting at home, you have more control over who to invite, what to eat and drink, and when to meet up. 

You can also get friends, neighbors, and family friends together without worrying about driving or having to brave the traffic in the center of town or the routes surrounding the stadium. 

Another option is to go off-grid and set up camp in a more remote location for the day or the weekend. 

Once you’ve decided where you’re heading, spread the word, let people know the date and time and ask them to let you know if they’re attending. 

This will help you to make sure that you’ve got enough supplies and it’s also important for allergies and dietary requirements. 

Sorting the Essentials

The next step is to sort the essentials: a giant TV screen, a good sound system, a powerful grill and fridges, and ice buckets to keep the beers cool. 

The game is the focal point so you want to ensure that everyone has a good view and they can hear the buildup and commentary throughout. 

If you have an oversized TV you can use this, but it’s also a great idea to explore alternatives, like a projector, which will enable you to set up an outdoor movie theater. Test your speakers and check the quality before the event.

Food is another integral part of any tailgate party. Most people choose to show off their barbecuing skills on game day. 

Make sure you’ve got enough food to go around and sufficient grilling space to feed the fans without a long delay. Add snacks to allow people to graze before the main dishes are ready. 

When you’re hosting a party, it’s always a good idea to stock up on drinks and make sure you have something for everyone. Scatter ice buckets and use an outdoor fridge to keep beers, bottled water and soft drinks cold. 

The last thing you want when you’ve hyped up a tailgate party is for everything to stop working at a critical point. This is why it’s wise to consider buying a tailgate generator

Generators provide a backup supply, which will keep the party going for the entire game. Every sports fan knows that games can take hours and if you add the buildup, pre-drinks, and after-game celebrations, you’ll be using a substantial amount of energy. 

A generator is also a crucial bit of kit for gatherings that take place away from homes and well-connected venues. With a high-quality generator, you can party almost anywhere you like.

The best parties have a great atmosphere. Once you’ve checked food, drinks, and the TV and speakers off the list, add outdoor lighting. 

You’ll also need some comfy chairs or beanbags, fold-away tables, and warm layers if there’s a chill in the air or you plan to stay late. 

Safety Points

Every host wants their party to run smoothly. Gatherings are all about having fun but you have to think about safety too. 

Check that the food you serve is fully cooked, check allergies and intolerances and supervise pets and children. Grill outside, bring sun lotion and bug spray, and if you’re lighting a fire, keep well back. 

Tailgate parties are part and parcel of supporting a team for many sports fans. Once confined to stadium parking lots, you can hang out and have fun anywhere you like today. 

If you’re thinking of hosting a party in your backyard, or you have plans to camp out with friends and watch a game, take these tips on board. 

Choose your location, create your guestlist, stock up on food and drinks, and ensure you have a giant screen and high-quality speakers. Invest in a tailgate generator to keep the party going and don’t forget to stay safe. 


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