As cannabis becomes increasingly accepted by society, more and more athletes are considering how they can safely incorporate cannabis into their sports lifestyle. 

The problem is that with marijuana legalization laws being so variable across the US, it's hard to be 100% sure what impact your own personal use might have on your career as an athlete. 

Even though there’s still a great deal of stigma attached to cannabis among some athletes, for many others understanding the legal boundaries around its use has become essential in their competitive pursuits. 

In this blog post, we'll take a look at all aspects of legality when it comes to using or testing positive for cannabis – from college athletics to professional sports leagues – so you can make informed decisions about introducing weed into your physical regimen and stay on track towards success!

The World Anti-Doping Agency

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is a huge player in the efforts to end doping. 

Founded in 1999, it is an independent foundation aimed at ensuring that athletes worldwide abide by fair and ethical standards when it comes to improving performance through the use of medications or other banned substances. 

It has made several important advances in fighting against the misuse of drugs among athletes and has been responsible for improving penalties for those caught cheating. WADA's reach continues to expand even further, as more countries look to them as a pillar of fairness in sports. 

Their work does not stop there, however; they also continue to educate about doping and strive for improved testing methods in order to stay ahead of any new developments.

College (NCAA) & Youth Sports

The NCAA's position on marijuana legalities has always been a bit of a conundrum. 

On one hand, the organization is fighting to keep student-athletes safe and healthy, yet on the other hand, the potential health benefits that marijuana provides could be hugely beneficial for these athletes. 

Since many different states are now changing their laws on legalization, the NCAA is struggling to find the appropriate way to handle this situation and ensure that all students have equal treatment. 

It's definitely a difficult and complicated issue, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out over time as more and more states legalize this controversial substance.

Basketball (NBA)

The NBA has its own set of rules when it comes to marijuana use by players. While there are no stringent punishments for use, the Association does have a program designed as a way to inform players about the effects of cannabis. 

The program also urges players to abstain from its recreational use, instead suggesting they find other forms of relaxation and management techniques. 

The NBA league office reportedly discussed eliminating the suspensions and fines related to marijuana use among its players. 

This would be a huge step forward in terms of national acceptance, as it would align the views on recreational cannabis with those of many other professional sports organizations. 

Consequently, it could help further abolish long-held stigmas around marijuana and open up an increased number of research opportunities for healing purposes going forward.

American Football (NFL)

Marijuana legalities in the NFL have been debated between players and league officiates for quite some time now. 

With marijuana being legalized in multiple states, including places like the entire state of Canada, many players are wondering where the league stands concerning marijuana usage. 

The NFL has yet to make a definitive statement concerning the legality, but one thing is certain, an individual will still be required to pass all testing procedures given by the league depending on current team regulations. 

It’s clear that there needs to be greater clarification from both sides if anything is to change and if any progress is made in the future.

Baseball (MLB)

As the MLB slowly but surely moves towards legalizing marijuana in the league, there is a feeling of excitement throughout the player base. 

There are a number of teams that have already made moves towards forming cannabis-focused study groups and medical research partnerships, leading some to speculate that this could be the season when the MLB's stance on marijuana begins to shift. 

With more open-mindedness and research into the potentially beneficial properties of marijuana, MLB players could have access to something that could potentially help promote both physical and mental wellness amongst players—all within the rules of their sport.


The legalities of marijuana in the world of sports have been a long-debated topic that, despite the open and accepting attitudes of recent decades, is still shrouded in a haze. 

Despite the easing of restrictions across the United States and the world, regulations—when it comes to marijuana use—still vary greatly depending on the specific sports teams or organizations. 

Despite the dwindling regulations against the controversial substance, many professional athletes are still careful when it comes to using weed. 

A lot of them gravitate towards the choice to use organic weed (which ultimately boils down to variations in its aromas, tastes, and impacts); always considering not only personal health but also the potential repercussions caused by the scrutiny from the rather dubious moral compass of the industry.


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