Whether you like to go jogging through the trails in the woods or you’re training for a marathon by running around your town, you should be taking gear with you. 

You don’t need too much equipment to run successfully, but it can ensure you’re comfortable throughout the workout. The gear we list in this guide will ensure that you’re safe while you’re out. 

If jogging is a hobby you’d like to indulge in, consider taking this gear with you next time.

Comfortable Running Shoes

If you’re a beginner jogger, you might think that you can wear whatever sneakers you’d like. While there isn’t a hard rule that says you can’t run in your Sketchers, a shoe made specifically for running will make you more comfortable and prevent injuries. 

Some qualities you need to look for in the shoes you’re purchasing include the tread, cushioning, and how lightweight and breathable the material is.

Water Bottle or Hydration Pack

Hydrating yourself throughout any exercise is important for regulating your body temperature, lubricating your joints, energizing your body, and minimizing injury. You can choose to jog with a water bottle, but that can get in the way. 

We recommend wearing a hydration pack on longer jogs so that you don’t have to worry about gripping a bottle the entire time—your water will be right on your back!

Sports Watch

While shoes and water are necessary, a sports watch isn’t. This is the type of gear you don’t need, but it can help with motivation and keeping track of your progress. 

Sports watches can track your heart rate, steps, and blood oxygen level, depending on the watch you purchase.

Running Belt or Arm Band

If you like to bring your phone for music or podcast/audiobook listening, you will need one essential smartphone accessory: a running belt or armband. 

Plus, there’s usually room in this accessory to leave your ID, money, and keys. The armband and running belt will free up your hands and pockets so that you can jog more comfortably.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is another highly essential component of the gear you should be taking with you while jogging. This includes sunscreen, a hat/visor, and sunglasses. 

Apply sunscreen before you leave for your run (even if it’s cloudy), and wear your hat and glasses as you see fit. You might not think that you need this protection, but you should wear sunscreen every day regardless of the activity you’re doing.


Ensuring you’re comfortable on your jog will help you perform better and build your skills. When running and jogging are a part of your daily routine, you should consider using the gear above. 

What other accessories do you use to make jogging more comfortable?


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