The French basketball star is a once-in-a-billion prodigy possessing exceptional technical abilities with an unbelievable physical posture. 

Watching Victor Wembanyama run around the court is a treat to the eye. The young lad is a perfect package of athleticism, skills, and length. 

His credentials are far more than just being speedy; he stands at a towering 7-foot-5, and sports amazing agility and flexibility for his framework.

Sites like SportsDomainLab have already posted their odds on who’s going to be the hottest prospect in the NBA draft. 

Amidst all the news, Wembanyama has been a hot topic for his phenomenal quality of not having to leave his feet to alter any shot. The potential NBA superstar can stretch his 8-foot wingspan to take the ball away from would-be attackers. 

An All-Time Rim Protector

Victor Wembanyama’s staggering height is not the only reason for the insane stardom, but his skills of being a rim protector and shot-blocker have stumped everyone. 

His aptness to swat and deter shots on the defensive side is his most impressive skill. Wembanyama has averaged 3.8 blocks per 36 minutes since the beginning of his professional basketball career.

He owns a historic-level block radius, which is an advantage over other players who can only dream of those challenging shots. 

With a good touch around the rim and being an unstoppable perimeter shooter, he became a promising name among those in the 2023 NBA Draft class.

A Competent Spot-Up Shooter

Wembanyama outdoes himself with his 3-pointer shots. He has hit 31% of his 3-pointers with some astounding abilities on 5.4 attempts per 36 minutes. 

Most evidently, he is a comfortable shooter and a threat to hit tough shots from three levels. The athlete went for 17 points on five threes in 20 mins at the Nike Hoop Summit. He has averaged 16.8 points and 2.2 threes at 10 NIBC games.

His Hustle Plays

And that’s one of the most awe-inspiring things about Victor Wembanyama. In the 2023 NBA Draft, he was a man of the hustle and bustle. 

He just did not stand around idly in the game. He made some noise on the floor, went after loose balls, and created sensational moments. 

A League-Altering Talent

Wembyama can be anything and everything, but not a franchise-altering talent. He’s an eye-opening second jump, advancing to second-chance points. 

For a player his size, he’s an imposing defensive presence with a beyond-belief offensive skill set with respect to shooting and ball-handling. Perhaps, we haven’t seen this athleticism and fluidity in other players of his length.

The future megastar of the NBA is hailed by LeBron James as an "alien." With sheer athletic prominence running in the family, Victor Wembanyama’s talents are making sense. 

In his recent season overseas, he battled bouts of streakiness and shot 31% from 3 and 68.5% from the line. 

And let’s not forget how he launched a 3-pointer over the defense by taking one dribble into the corner and planting his feet without traveling. What an overwhelming sight it was!


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