If you’re one of the billions of people who tune in to watch their favorite professional sports, we’re here to tell you there's a better way to do it. 

Ditch the satellite TV and get access to your favorite sports, teams, and post-game shows through streaming services. 

Whether you need to tune in to keep your sports betting successful, evaluate your fantasy league, or just make your home the place to be when the games are on, here are the best ways to watch sports and playoffs this season. 

American Football Season

Beginning in September all the way through January, American football dominates many homes in the US during the season. 

If you’re ditching cable and opting for streaming services to take their place, here are two of the best ways to tune in for every game. 

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu’s live streaming is priced at $70 with ads and $77 without. The platform gives you access to ABC, CBS, Gox, and NBS’s local broadcasts, giving you access to the sports programs they carry. 

However, the program no longer carries Thursday Night Football, so you’ll have to head to Amazon’s Prime TV if you want to watch those games. 

Additionally, for dedicated fans, you can get NFL Redzone for an extra $10 per month as an add-on service. 


This year, ESPN began offering a streaming service set at $11 per month. Through the program, you gain access to Monday night games, one divisional, and one playoff game. 

You can also add ESPN+ to your Hulu package for an extra $15 per month. 

Futbol (Soccer) Season

While the start of soccer season isn’t down to a perfect science, you can expect the season to start around the end of August or early September into spring the following year. 

For the best ways to watch, check out these streaming services below. 


Fubo was literally created to watch fútbol and lives up to it’s name. The streaming service is the leading platform for soccer coverage, including regular-season games in various international leagues and clubs, the World Cup, the Copa Oro, and more. 

And if your household wants to watch different games airing at the same time, you’re allowed to consume up to ten streams at the same time. 

And for anything you may have missed or want to re-watch, you get access to 1000 hours of DVR space.

The base price for FuboTV is set at $74.99 a month, and it is your best stop for streaming all the glorious games of fútbol. 


If you’re a major fan of the English Premier League, Peacock, NBC’s streaming service is a must. Peacock offers broadcast matches and the ability to stream late-airing games. 

You can also check out their additional content, such as replays, match highlights, and post-game commentary, on-demand. You can also watch all 64 World Cup matches with a premium subscription and get access to all Summer Games. 

Priced at $5.99 a month, Peacock gives fans the most bang for their buck. 

Apple TV

The latest addition to the world of soccer streaming is Apple TV. Through Apple’s MLS Season Pass, subscribers get access to every live MLS regular-season game, in addition to the playoffs and Leagues Cup. 

It also has a robust folder of supporting content that airs before, during, and after each game, including all MLS Countdown pre-shows and the MLS Wrap-Up post-show.

For Apple TV Plus subscribers, the package comes at a lowered price of 12.99 a month or $79 per season. 

Basketball Season

Running from October all the way through April and lasting 82 games, this is the basketball season. 

If you’re one of the 2.2 billion fans tuning in this basketball season, you’ll need the best way to watch, from pre-season to the NBA Finals. Check out our best picks to stream basketball this upcoming season.

Hulu + Live TV

Ranking on our list again is Hulu’s Live TV program. As a reminder, the program comes in at a whopping $70 with ads and $77 without ads per month. 

While it may be one of the more expensive options out there, it comes with a robust package offering access to hundreds of channels and everything you need to watch regular-season NBA games. 

Due to its robust library of content, Hulu+ Live TV is best suited for the well-rounded sports fan, who may be tuning into more than just basketball every year. 

YouTube TV

Next to rank on our list is YouTube TV. While this platform isn’t everyone’s first option for streaming, it does have a lot to offer NBA fans. 

Priced slightly lower than Hulu+ at $64.99 per month, YouTube TV has every channel you need to stream the national broadcast of NBA games this season. It also distinguishes itself from other streaming services by enabling DVR features.

Direct TV

Priced at $69.99 per month, DirectTV’s streaming platform The package offers access to 65 channels and provides a large amount of coverage for everything NBA. 

The service includes all nationally broadcast NBA games; however, it doesn’t include blackout games. But for an additional $15 per month, you can access 25 more channels, including AT&T and Sinclair. 

NBA League Pass

Coming in as our honorable mention is the NBA’s League Pass. You can select from three tiers when subscribing, including their Team Pass at $17.99, $28.99 for their League Pass, and $39.99 for the League Pass premium. 

The team pass allows you to stream games from one team of your choice, while the League Pass allows you to stream all live games for every team. 

On the other hand, the Premium League Pass allows you to stream all live games without interruption from commercials and on two devices. 

Whatever tier of service you choose, you can download games for offline viewership, get 10-minute replays, and do both home and away team broadcasting. 

Who Holds the Title?

Whatever sports you plan on tuning in for this season, ensure you have the best way to watch them. Gone are the days of overpriced cable TV, and in come streaming platforms to take their place.

While every streaming service provides some access for sports fans, they’re not all built the same. Hopefully, after reading through this article, you’ll know which platform to sign up for so you never miss another game day again. 

Ashley Nielsen earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration Marketing at Point Loma Nazarene University. She is a freelance writer who loves to share knowledge about general business, marketing, lifestyle, wellness, and financial tips. During her free time, she enjoys being outside, staying active, reading a book, or diving deep into her favorite music. 


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