In a recent development, two ex-professionals from the National Basketball Association (NBA) have been found guilty in a fraud case aimed at illicitly obtaining $5 million from the NBA's health insurance plan, as reported on November 15 by Bloomberg.

Glen Davis, known as "Big Baby," and William Bynum were convicted of conspiracy, as they submitted false claims for medical and dental services they never received.

The mastermind behind this fraudulent operation was Terrence Williams, another ex-NBA player. 

Williams, who was handed a 10-year prison sentence in August after admitting his involvement, orchestrated a complex scheme implicating over 18 former NBA players, along with a dentist, a doctor, and a chiropractor. 

His tactics included forging documents, impersonating plan officials, and obtaining fabricated letters from healthcare providers to support the false claims, earning him over $300,000 in illegal kickbacks.

In addition to Davis and Bynum, two other former NBA players, Sebastian Telfair and Darius Miles, have also admitted their involvement in the scheme earlier this year. Their sentencing is pending.


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