The past couple of weeks were a roller coaster in the football world. Well, it is not the end yet!

European football is famous for its star legs and entertainment inside and outside the field. However, they are famous for the competitiveness and balance they always maintain.

While European football does the unthinkable, it has again come up with the most controversial league concept: the European Super League (ESL)! What is the idea behind it?

Well, the main concept behind the European Super League is to compete with the UEFA Champions League. It wants to provide a lucrative platform for participating clubs. 

This particular concept of the European Super League is not sudden but seems like a far-fetched project. It sounds like it was always there to bring in the big revolution in football.

However, the proposal was initiated earlier as well. But it failed with the worldwide criticism and opposition of the fans, players, and governing bodies.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) delivered a verdict while dealing with UEFA and FIFA. It stated that they were unlawful to block the attempts to start the European Super League (ESL) in 2021.

This is a big breakthrough for the European Super League (ESL) to make a fresh start in the upcoming years. Or not ... yet?

From match schedule to the exciting football news, fans are always up to the mark, and we understand that! Let's face it!

Why It Failed

The idea was seen as a threat to the existing structure of European football and was viewed as a money-making scheme that would benefit only a select few clubs.

The opposition was so strong that even some of the clubs that were initially part of the proposal withdrew their support.

Eventually, the proposal collapsed, and the participating clubs issued apologies to their fans and the football community.

Well, criticism was a fairly obvious factor for the new league to come down to reality. However, the discussion around the factor back in 2021 was naive. 

No positive messages were delivered to counter the negativity around the footballing world. Except for Real Madrid president and proposed Super League chairman Florentino Perez, there were no more statements from other club members.

From media to managers, the vacuum was filled with negativity. So, the narrative was set to impossible back then. 

But now, after the court ruling, prominent clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventas seem positive about it.

Would the European Super League Be an Inevitable Next Step?

Considering one of the top-tier leagues in England, the Premier League, we have seen many unthinkable matches over the past few years. It's not about the champion team every time, but it is about every match that brings sheer competition and excitement to the fans. 

On the other hand, the reality of clubs is that cream-of-the-crop clubs are now trying to form their own mini-exclusives. In such a scenario, the European Super League is going to be a new chapter with new excitement for the clubs.

Whether it is an inevitable next step or not will determine its future. Apart from the Champions League and Premier League, people are going to get a completely new taste of football if it works.

Exponential Inflation of Player Valuations

Clubs and leagues are becoming business-savvy these days. They are trying to expand their market and popularity with both intentions and possibilities. So, lucrative ways are coming in the middle of everything.

Well, top-level football highlights are generating higher revenue than ever. The indispensability of sports TV networks and channels in carrying the big bids of every match is becoming a factor in modern football.

Consequently, world-class footballers and coaches are gradually becoming a commodity of trading. Nowadays, players and clubs are ready to shell out their fortunes and try to anticipate the potential changes.

The prevalence of money is making a big impact on decision-making regarding transfers. These days, players appoint stony agents to bring in the best deal for them over clubs. On the other hand, clubs are trying to outbid competitors to fall in the star line.

The supply line is likely to change, and that brings in the possibilities of a new league with new investment opportunities.

Booming Is Broadcasting

No doubt, sport is a “consumer product”! Whether you see it by heart or try to put your mind to it, facing reality is the best deal. 

Commercialization among clubs and leagues makes it an administrative approach to consider sports as a package of entertainment where money and popularity can never be overlooked.

Whether it is an individual superstar, a stadium, or the overall team, entertainment with income is a must.

From auctions to matches, the broadcasting deals are eye-catching. Television revenues are increasing, increasing its demand in the sports world. As a result, clubs are making impressive deals with them. 

Over the years, considering the back draws of the Super League, people fought against it. But now, in 2024, the scenario is different. It’s a cyclical game! 

A snowball effect is a must to decide the league's fortune. 

A Whole New Playing Field

The growing demand for top-level football brings us to a stage where money will get more importance. On the other hand, the explosion of player valuations considers the advocacy and growing prominence of agents.

Apart from that, La Liga is the easiest and most glaring league, with two prominent teams participating: Real Madrid and Barcelona. 

They are both maintaining harmony with a competitive mindset and considering their votes for the Super League already again.

Today or tomorrow, competitiveness, ambitions, and egos will turn into a revolution, and the European Super League can be a medium to that.

All teams are finding a platform to perform well, including individuals. So, if they are going to get a new league, they will find a new field of competition. Not only more money but also the competitive edge is going to play a pivotal role in upcoming years.

We do not know if we can see another competitor of the Champions League or not, but we know that something is brewing!

After the court ruling, if everything falls in line, we might say, ‘Here We Go’ again!


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