Travis Scott, a luminary in the music realm, is renowned not just for his innovative melodies but also for his influential presence in pop culture. 

Among his intriguing musings, one stands out distinctly – his evident admiration for NFL icon Tom Brady. 

This post delves into the interplay of Scott's hip-hop genius with Brady's football legacy, a confluence that resonates deeply in both the music and sports worlds.

The camaraderie between Travis Scott and Tom Brady is not just an assumption but a well-observed phenomenon. Their interaction during the 2023 NFL Draft class event was a testament to this bond. 

Further, Scott's performance in Boston, where he played "FE!N" from his album "UTOPIA" 12 times in tribute to Brady, speaks volumes of his respect and admiration for the quarterback.

This gesture not only thrilled fans but also symbolized the blending of two diverse yet passionate fan bases.

Fein! 12 times in Boston for Tom Brady
byu/Sandman308 intravisscott

Travis Scott's discography is peppered with references to Tom Brady, each illustrating a different facet of admiration.

"Champion" with NAV (2018)

In this track, Scott likens his success and decision-making skills to Brady's on-field brilliance with the line, "I'm goin' Tom Brady, ain't made no bad call."

"THANK GOD" from "Utopia" (2023)

Here, Scott cleverly integrates Brady's jersey number (12) in the line, "A quarterback calls, I don't like 12, except Tom Brady," showcasing his deep-seated respect.

"MELTDOWN" featuring Drake (2023)

The line "The boy going Lionel Messi, I go Tom Brady" juxtaposes Scott's musical ambition with Brady's football prowess.

"BACKR00MS" with Playboi Carti (2024)

Scott uses Brady's number as a symbol in "Throw it like 12," further cementing his homage.

"​née-nah" with 21 Savage (2024)

Celebrating Brady's seven Super Bowl wins, Scott raps, "Ayy, Brady seven pack, they come in bunch."


Scott's lyrical nods to Tom Brady are not just mere mentions. They represent a significant cultural overlap where hip-hop and sports not only coexist but enhance each other's appeal. 

These references have created a unique niche in both communities, bringing together fans of Travis Scott's music and Tom Brady's football legacy, thereby enriching their respective cultural impacts.

Travis Scott's ongoing tribute to Tom Brady through his lyrics is a fascinating example of how modern icons in different fields can intersect and influence popular culture. 

His integration of Brady's persona into his music adds an intriguing layer to his artistry and allows for a unique connection with his audience.


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