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Hello friends, and welcome to another edition of Big Sports News*! I haven’t made a post of Big Sports News for quite a while, so let’s just get started anyways! Today, we will be going into the NFL section. I might not be doing MLB news for a long time because the season has started, but NBA news is almost here! But right now, let’s get on with the NFL and tasty headlines that are in for us!

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins

Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor, who was the key veteran released from the Washington Redskins a while ago, is still getting offers from some NFL teams willing to pursue him.

The teams? New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins. I know, these are the same teams from the last post. But hey, it’s still pretty big news.

But both of the teams might go for linebackers in the NFL draft. The Patriots could get either Brian Cushing or Clay Matthews. That is the same concept with the Miami Dolphins.

But one of the teams should get Taylor. Which team needs him the most? I say Dolphins. Taylor never made any mistake with the Dolphins. Everything he did for them was positive. And that is why the Dolphins and Jason Taylor should re-unite.

NCAA Football: Capital One Bowl JAN 01

Matthew Stafford

A lot of rumors have been going around many websites that the Lions are trying to make a deal with Georgia Bulldogs’ quarterback, Matthew Stafford. Are you kidding me?

Why would you want to take the Stafford? When the Lions acquired Jon Kitna a couple of years ago, he was good and the Lions almost reached the playoffs in 2007 but failed. Why? Blocking.

I say they take Jason Smith, like I have said in my mock draft. The Lions already have two reliable quarterbacks in Daunte Culpepper and Drew Stanton.

AJ Demello, from Bleacher Report, has made some facts of why the Lions SHOULD NOT take Matthew Stafford. Anyone remembered what happened when the Lions took Andre Ware in 1990 and Joey Harrington in 2004? Yeah, bad times.

CFB: EagleBank Bowl - Wake Forest v Navy DEC 20

Aaron Curry

Aaron Curry is also receiving rumors of being on the o-16 squad of the Detriot Lions. I don’t think this fit would work either. Just take Jason Smith!

It would be nice to take him, no doubt, but I think the Lions really need a guy like Jason Smith to help out the offensive line.

If Aaron Curry were to be on the Detroit Lions, he could be good actually but it will only help the Lions defense.

And besides, they have a pick at 20 in the draft, but unfortunately, Curry won’t be available there. Probably in that spot in pick 20, I would take some other defensive guy, like Clay Matthews or Brian Cushing. Hey, why not Kenny Britt? Hey can help out the Johnsons, Calvin and Bryant.

Atlanta Falcons v Baltimore Ravens

Michael Vick

With the draft coming so close, the Falcons are looking to redeem another playoff run. With Matt Ryan in the lineup, why use Michael Vick?

Well the Falcons have put Vick on trading block, and I must say something that is truly surprising, many teams are deeply interested!

The San Francisco 49ers have made their call for an offer. Michael Shackelford from Bleacher Report is way ahead as he said that the 49ers were already trying to pursue Vick. Vick good be a good player in that uniform. He can throw to players like Brandon Jones and veteran, Isaac Bruce. Vernon Davis? Hell yeah, he will be happy. And there is the other Mike, that last name Singletary. He would love him on the squad as well.

But besides the Niners, here are some other teams coming into the picture: New York Jets, Detroit Lions, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Why Jets? Well the Jets now have the eighth pick in the draft but what if Mark Sanchez isn’t

Cleveland Browns v Atlanta Falcons

available? He might go to Seattle. Well the Jets can easily get Michael Vick and might have to give up a second round draft pick.

Why Lions? Well Daunte Culpepper hasn’t been the Culpepper we have seen since his spectacular season in 2004, as he threw for 39 touchdowns! And Drew Stanton doesn’t really have any experience. But with Vick, he can run around and

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions

pass. That can surely help Maurice Morris and Kevin Smith big time!

Why Buccaneers? Why not? Giving up Jeff Garcia wasn’t that bad. They had Josh Johnson. But then Byron Leftwich was signed. He will be a starter but

the Buccaneers might not be good with him in the line-up, even though he did real good with Pittsburgh last year. With Vick in, he has targets like Michael Clayton and Kellen Winslow. It can also help Derrick Ward in the running game because Vick is also running along.

So you get the facts…use them! But I am not done yet! Guess who wants Vick the most? The Oakland Raiders. Even though they have JaMarcus Russell and just signed Jeff Garcia to use a backup, why do they need Vick? Well it’s

Packers v Falcons

Al Davis people!

And Vick can actually help the team well. He might not even be a quarterback for them. But the odds are that he will be. According to ESPN Insider, a bet was made of where Vick would go. What was the team? You got it! The Oakland Raiders with the odds of three-to-one.

And if Vick can’t land a deal in the NFL, you got the UFL with their Orlando

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins

team. According to the Orlando Sentinel, coach Jim Haslett will be more than welcome to invite Vick to the squad! See, things can go right for Vick. And to PETA, they say that Vick is harming animals! Wait until you take a look at this!

And that is why Vick can get money on the contrary. He is not a waste of talent. If you say that, look at yourself. You have no likes of the talent Michael Vick has! And that concludes my point of the Michael Vick saga, or does it?

New York Giants v Cleveland Browns

Braylon Edwards

Here is the biggest talk of the day! Braylon Edwards! You have gone through 1,000 pages and you have earned it! What do you get? A Braylon Edward section of Big NFL News! Here is the story of Braylon Edwards:

According to Ralph Vachianno of the New York Daily News, he has reported

NFL: DEC 21 Bengals at Browns

that the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants could make a trade proposal that, of course, will send Braylon Edwards to the team that had the popular

Cleveland Browns v Washington Redskins

Earth, Wind, and Fire system last year, which is gone now.

Edwards with the Giants? You have your Super Bowl champions but they could have a riot with the Eagles, who are one of the contenders to get Anquan Boldin or Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson. The Eagles, Jets, and Ravens are also interested in the wide receiver with the name Braylon Edwards.

Eagles? Donovan McNabb has found someone. Jets? Jerricho Cotchery, say hello to your new companion! Ravens, Isaac Barrow, better be happy on this one. You got a guy for Joe Flacco, Derrick Mason, and Mark Clayton!

Thanks for reading Big Sports News: NFL edition! Will Jason Taylor re-unite with the Dolphins. Will Michael Vick continue his football career? And most importantly, is Braylon Edwards an Eagle?

Comment below and say your thoughts and stay tuned for another edition of Big Sports News!


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