Written by Josh Dhani

My dad, Harvinder "Happy (that is actually his nickname at birth)" Dhani is a true sports fan and athlete, I can tell you that. Although the picture looks like he is a businessman, which he is, he is huge sports fan. You can't judge a book by its cover. My dad is just the best dad anyone can have. The number one in the world. If you ever see my house, you'll think it's mansion like my friends say. But my dad doesn't think it is. Why? Because he isn't a cocky person unlike some other individuals I see.

My dad is the true sports fan. Why? Well I have to tell you somehow. And that is why this article is made:

Born and raised in India, that is where my dad started his sports stuff. My dad wasn't just a sports fan, he did sports, too. One day, when he was was about six or seven years old, his dad told him to do push-ups. And you do know that the first time you do push-ups, it is pretty hard. Well, this is true, my dad didn't think it was tough at all. He just went at it. He was determined to be the best. He did about 50 push-ups straight.

My dad didn't play any sports like his three brothers. The brothers played cricket and were one of the best players on the team. My dad never played cricket because he thought it was boring and not fun at all. Well, I think that, too. Now I know where I get a lot of my genes from. My dad never watcted TV or anything. And his parents, my grandparents, told him to do a lot of stuff. My dad ran, a lot! That is how he got it done.

But that is when he was just only eight-to-ten years old! Wait until you see him at his teenage years! My dad moved to America in 1978, when he was 14 years old. He played hockey, along with his brothers. My dad was the goalie, and dang, what a beast he was at it. My dad said that people were afraid to hit or do anything against him because he will knock you out! I asked everyone possible if that was true, and heck, it was!

When my dad was about 15 or so, a football coach asked him to play for his team. Probably playing linebacker or something. But my dad didn't know football until he was about 20 years old because he lived in India for so long. And when the coach asked him to play for his team, my dad said yes. But my dad didn't know it was football. He thought it was futbol, soccer.

See how things go?

When my dad showed up at the place, he was like, "What is this?" He didn't understand it all. At 16 years old, my dad headed off to college at Indiana University and IUPUI. My dad was real good in studying and all that school crap, even though when he was my age, he always got more B's than A's, like I do. My dad's favorite sport that time, though, was boxing.

Probably at 18 years old or so, my dad met one of the best (or the best) boxing player ever to play the sport: Muhammad Ali. It was Ali! It was a true story, actually. I am not lying here, why would my dad lie about something like that? I can tell if he is lying at this age because one time he said his best friend was turned into a dragon and when I was five years old, I believed that! Or he said that a tornado hit his car and he didn't die! Come on! I am not lying on this part. Ali was with two girls and Ali saw my dad. Ali liked him, as a friend. But the weird thing was is that Muhammad Ali kissed him on the cheeks. He wasn't gay, probably some stupid thing. I don't know!

When Ali left, my dad was like, "Oh my god! I just met Muhammad Ali!"

My dad graduated from college in 1985, at 21 years old. Five years in college from 16 years old! My dad is smart! My dad started as a CEO for Jasneek, which is named after me and my sister. My real name is Jasbir and my sister's real name is Vasneek. My dad combined both of the names and it is into, BOOM: Jasneek. Jasneek, in 2004, got it's name switched to Access Therapies. You can visit the website if you click here. Access Therapies helps nurses and physical therapists. But besides bussiness, let's talk sports.

My dad started to play golf when he was 42 years old, that is four years ago! You know the age. I know, my dad is pretty old, but hey, he is cool. Old school type of guy. My dad also met a lot of other athletes when he became CEO of Access Therapies. He met guys like Jermaine O'Neal, Ron Artest, and he even met Jim Irsay, Owner of the Indianapolis Colts, and went into his house!

Also, when my dad was a waiter at a very famous restaraunt (forgot the name of it), at 19 years old, he met Reggie Miller, too. My dad didn't get his autograph because he didn't want to bother him. Many people of there were bothering him for his autograph.

"I feel so sad for him," my dad recalls. "He just came there to eat and all these people just kept bothering him."

But besides meeting all these players, let's get to his golfing. My dad, is not a very good golfer. Not at all. His best score is a 91. He was is trying to peak 89. My dad' s worst score in golf is probably 120. I am playing golf, too. I score 150 because I just started a year ago. But let's get to the big man, my father. My dad plays with all his buddies, who have been playing golf for about 20 years. In just three years, my dad is now playing pretty much better than them. 20 years vs. four years? Which one could be better? The 20-year man. But my dad proved everyone wrong.

My dad now scores an average of 92 or something. He hit his first 300-yard shot about a month ago and now can be a PGA Golfer in probably five years, when he is 51 years old. I would love to see my dad be a pro golfer. He could get there and I would love to see him there. My dad, at 46 years old, is still a true sports fan.

When I was at this Pacers-Bucks game, my dad told me he had court-side seats once. I was like, "Wow! I never knew that." I just want to know more and more. My dad has a lot of stuff in sports. The best seats, meeting all the players, and being the athlete. My dad is now old but can still do some stuff. Just last year when I played football, I had a score of 6.67 in the 40-yard dash. I was the fastest big guy in the league. But my dad is faster. He probably runs a 4.9, and at this age! Pretty good for a 46-year-old.

My dad may have played soccer, football, hockey, golf, and many other sports. He may hate cricket and baseball. He may just suck at golf.

But what really is important is that he is my father.


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