Hey guys, my name is Graham Brunell, a blogger on Celtics 17 and a writer on Bleacher Report. Thought I'd give you guys a little bit of a background so we can get to know each other a little bit.

-- My favorite league is the NBA, and my favorite sport altogether is basketball.

-- Fave NBA team is the Celtics, followed by the Heat, Clippers (shameful, I know), and the Bulls (although recently I have been rooting against them, as they are facing my C's in the first round).

-- Other teams (from different leagues) include the Red Sox, Indians, Giants, Mets, Patriots, and Jaguars.

-- I'm a young guy; younger than 13. That's all I'll give you ha ha.

-- Love to blog, or any other form of writing. When I get old enough to master a profession, I'd like for it to be a form of media (blogging, reporting, analyzing, play-by-play guy, etc.).

Hope to get to know you guys, as readers, a bit more later in the future. My first real story will be up soon. Cheers!


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