My inclination tells me he’s the greatest shooter on the plant, he’s the guard with the marvelous release and he’s the finisher with astounding shots. Utah fans felt a lust to increase the volume, with loud boos. The fans cheering on purple and gold sat back, to embrace another brilliant shooting performance by Kobe Bryant.

Following an ineffectual shooting display, Kobe always have a productive shooting performance and it’s rare that he has back-to-back shooting misadventures. His swagger came at a good time, in a much-needed victory. His streakiness came on a night when he drew boos inside the hostile EnergySolutions Arena, and if before a cheerful crowd under the dim lights inside Staples Center it would've drawn MVP chants. It wasn’t that pleasant in Utah, where he listened to boos and responded by knocking down an array of shots to weaken any bodies stepping in his face.

It took a five-for-24 shooting effort for Bryant to find his strive. He had that fierce, intense and anxious stare, even the blood rushing through his veins. He minimized the intimidating crowd, with endless shot making to silence the loudest venue in the league. And earplugs weren’t required, nor were quiet gestures from him necessary in a bitter atmosphere. After all, nothing bothers Kobe, not even the insanity of Utah.

There is one thing Kobe follows of NBA’s agenda. He’s the amazing thing to happen in the league, presenting and captivating us with astounding performances. The league trademark is “Where Amazing Happens” and it appears Amazing Happens on the Lakers. In what seems like forever, and what seems to never eternalize is the insanity of Kobe’s unstoppable and continuous energy. No team in the league is destined to hinder his mobility and ubiquity. And the annoyance of rowdy fans engenders his intensity level in which he dominates and takes over single handedly.

I wonder what Shaq thinks of that. And I wonder if he still believes Kobe can’t do it without him, because Mr. Amazing is doing just fine.

For much of the game, Kobe hijacked the ball from teammates and took matters into his own hands. It was just one of those Kobe nights, where he became explosive and knocked down continuous jumpers. Sure it’s easy to say he’s self-centered or returning back to his old self, an arrogant ball-hog. But it isn't true, Kobe has matured into a team leader and an unselfish player.

By grooming his team through experience and by leading them to the finish, he’s the team leader most never saw when he first entered the league. Sure people hate him, and maybe it’s not because of his arrogance or ball hogging proclivity. Maybe he’s hated for playing in a Lakers' uniform, or maybe it’s his beyond imaginable ingenuity and knack to prevail on all terms. The signs of a looming shootout were seen before tip off when he wore a glare usually indicating trouble, and warning signs of a high-scoring contest.

He’s Mr. Amazing.

The inimical fans plagued and Kobe's adventurous emotion overpowered any schemes Utah's Jerry Slogan predicated to slow down the explosive and executing guard. Bryant posted a mere 38 points en route to a 108-94 demolition Saturday of the Jazz, to take a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven series. Avenging a terrible shooting drought on a night when they badly needed a victory, to keep the series from turning into an interesting 2-2 tie.

With Bryant a part of the Lakers run to the Finals, he clearly must have the ball in his hands late. No doubt, Mr. Amazing is the reigning MVP. No doubt, Mr. Amazing is the three-time champion. No doubt, Mr. Amazing is amazingly perilous at all times. At any moment, Bryant could heat it up from all angles of the floor, a reminder that he still has a glare and he’s still craving triumph. He's poise, fiercer, aggressive and anxious to capture glory and redemption of last year's letdown.

Maybe the letdown was a wakup call after surprisingly advancing to the Finals a year ago, but surrendered to the longtime rivals, Boston Celtics. The humiliation upset Bryant, making him end a season with bitterness after coming away empty. With his sizzling scoring, anything could happen. It’s hard to predict the erratic Bryant, who scores whenever he desires, who takes over when he wants and who carries them on his shoulders.

He’s Mr. Amazing.


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