I have to say watching the Celtics-Bulls series reminded us of instant classics, becoming one of its own. It was one of the greatest playoff series in its unique and rare first-round epic finishes. Before determining a legitimate winner worthy of the second round, the Celtics survived a 15 day survival course, 108 lead changes, four overtimes and seven overall. So fascinating was the youth of the Chicago Bulls, who was a test to the Celtics, and now their report card revealed a righteous grade of prevalence.

This was a series with everything, name it and there was everything worth asking for. After all, the NBA is “Where Amazing Happen," and once again, it happened to the Celtics. But first, they had to survive on bad ankles, bombed knees, ailing recoveries, body slams and a Game 7. It was a dramatic series that was exhausting, drama that comprised Jackie Moon of "Semi Pro" and a series of free throws and long-range three-pointers.

So I’ll recite Kevin Garnett’s phase a year ago when the Celtics won their title, without the possession of an ABC reporter’s microphone, “anything is possible” in Game 7. Shouting to the heavens was unnecessary to make a valid point. Like expected the Celtics defined a defending champ, playing their best game in this series on their home floor in front of the green spirit and the crazy world of towel swingers.

They saved their dominance for the last game, a night when the Bulls tested their will, a night when you wondered if they were still potent enough without their dominant force, Garnett. Some wondered if they were still powerful enough without last year’s defensive consultant James Posey, bailed to sign a deal with the recently removed New Orleans Hornets.

Given the doubt of Rajon Rondo’s ailing ankle, it was condoning to assume that it felt as if the Celtics were caught in a storm and moving steps closer to dethronement. Nope, champs don’t yield that quietly. Instead the Celtics always came up with a rational response, answering to the Bulls avenging resurgence which was a scare.

It’s terrifying to defend a title, when there’s a pair of prolific guards to slow down. Derrick Rose, the Bulls self-conscious guard gave them hell and the streaky shooter Ben Gordon, who could knock down an array of shots. Anytime populace made a logic argument, the Celtics revived and prevailed with a pivotal win as the determining one was obviously Game 7, a must-needed win Boston knew they needed to avoid staying home.

But it was a thrilling series that captivated us all, bringing enjoyment and cheers to the NBA. For at least two weeks now, the league followed its words, and has cared for the fanatics.

Well, it was the Celtics-Bulls influencing spectators and causal sporting fans to check out a profound duel that emerged after Game 1 into a one-on-one match between two of the leagues up-and-coming guards, if haven’t already blossomed in the last two weeks.

It was a series when Rondo and Rose imprinting their names as icons and noble point guards. A dynamic duel, enough to classify the floor generals as the league’s up-and-coming guards for their dominance in the playoffs, features the stars of our future.

It seems the future has arrived prematurely for a standout one-on-one rivalry that will last at least two more decades, and hopefully most could still be a part of a fanfare duel between two captivating guards. Clearly, Rondo has emerged into the league's top-notch point guard.

Take a moment to reflect as this great series was breathtaking. The Celtics can now sign in relief as the series is officially over. Their fatigue bodies were able to survive the hardship of a first round strife that engraved a page in the history books.

And the historical first round excitement is remembered for the seven games, seven overtime marathons, flying bodies, bodies on the floor, stitches, bloody teeth, flagrant fouls and even trash talking.

It’s remembered for the smell of a blossoming Rose and the emergence of a fierce Rondo. As well as being remembered for the Celtics getting it done without their superstar KG, as skeptics doubted before the first game that they were done without him as a factor inside the post.

In seven games the Celtics silence negativity, salvaging a 109-99 victory in Game 7 Saturday night to avenge a Game 6 loss. But significantly, they’ll advance to the second round to host Orlando.

They had not played one game and have already being doubted as many expect a loss to the Magic, a team comprising the leagues’ mighty, physical center, Dwight Howard, who won defensive player of the year. It’s a different defensive approach to take against the Magic, a team that is dangerous beyond the perimeter with Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu.

But with the Celtics coming to life at the right time, giving them the slight edge is befitting. Still, dismissing the defending champs is an understatement, particularly after their bench was active at a critical moment of the series.

If the Celtics bench have finally broken out of a drought, it might be difficult to defeat them. This is normally how the last year’s Celtics dominated, without overtimes and tight, tense finishes. Experience had much to do with their comfortable margin, as youth had much to do with the Bulls late blunders.

Turnovers bruised them on their chances of capitalizing in the biggest stunner in NBA history, accounting for multiple turnovers alone in the second quarter. Even terrible shot selections kept them out of sync, and allowed the Celtics veterans and bench to increase momentum and articulate rhythm.

Kudos to their bench for producing and stepping up at the right moment, when it was clearly a win or stay home since the final game of the series and the most interesting one was played in Boston.

Come to think about it, the final game and the closing of a poetic memory, a best-of-seven, first-round series we’ll talk about for decade’s maybe even centuries. But in the last game, there was nothing compelling as in the other six and maybe the occurrence of an odd finish came because of the Celtics dominance, implying they could still clinch victories without the physical post presence of Garnett.

Even the other two have been quiet in the playoffs, both Paul Pierce and Ray Allen weren't a part of their survival, a stiff test the Celtics had to take before surpassing the Bulls. Garnett stood over on the sidelines most of the time, dressed in a stylish suit and made malign facial expressions.

There was no return of Garnett, and the Celtics had to step it up, and there was no better time than to do it in Game 7, where anything could happen freakish or unexpectedly.

Anyhow, there weren’t any freak accidents and if there was a stunning slip up in this game, it would have been a Celtics devastating loss to the Bulls, indeed, something that almost happened. And if so, it would have had amazing written all over.

Joakim Noah would have yelled louder, a humble Rose would have, well, smiled and Gordon would have celebrated. Too bad in this NBA market of big-name players, the league won’t see another battle this good until Denver meets Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, a series that reinforces enough caliber superstars to reach seven games.

The other night Noah highlighted the game, when he stole away a pass and fascinated the home crowd with an ecstatic dunk to cap the victory. But in the seventh game, it really didn’t matter if Rose, Noah, or Gordon played convincingly. Simply, everyone was crazy about the Celtics, as the bench highlighted the plays of the game.

Eddie House made some critical three-point shots late, finishing 5-for-5 from three-point range and Brian Scalabrine was merely perfect with jumpshots, scoring eight points. Heck, even the enigmatic Stephon Marbury and the lanky forward Mikki Moore, who was missing, even though his long dreadlocks stood out more than his inside stamina. The ideal bench kept the Celtics alive, and now lives to see another series.

But for sure, the most captivating and enjoyable series ended as the epic classic will live on. And we can say that we were witnesses, to an event that kept us occupied in the last few weeks and kept us anxious for more electrifying images. The Celtics will likely survive Superman and company in the next series. But once they travel to Cleveland where they'll meet King James, it's the last of the Celtics.

The NBA is “Where Amazing Happens," and it happened in the Celtics-Bulls series.


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