And let them face off in what should be a dramatic series, when the ice is thicker and the nets are larger for an intense series that will observe a scene for the next few weeks. This fanfare event is buzzing louder from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C., where the spectators will add to a modernistic rivalry between two foes that made an emergence as hockey’s main attraction. Even better, they eased their way into sports main attraction. They’re Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, and clearly without them there’s no drama worth watching when there’s only players skating on ice and exchanging dukes twice as vigorous as boxers Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton.

Well maybe.

Take the moment to utter OH UH! It is fine to suggest, and grasp hints that it’s an ice match with non-stop red-blooded conflict. Two marquee stars finally collides on the same ice layer, ready to expose their forceful essence and puissant nature among hockey as each have done well. Crosby, the 21-year old, who in his three year campaign, wears a smile, immaculate away from his ice age. But when he’s on ice it’s an entirely different attitude, hijacking the game with cockiness. Already, he’s been labeled as a self-centered individual and takes more physical poundings and beatings than anyone of his teammates. Swirling around of late is that Crosby might not even stand out as the best Penguin skating, as some argue that Evgeni Malkin is the prime superstar.

As much criticism as Crosby takes, it does not make sense whatsoever as we must not forget this is a guy responsible for rejuvenating the sport, which was pretty much dead. The resurgence of hockey has made its way back from Crosby’s dominance and fierce mindset, and ripping him is only sending thanks to the icon. Often he’s known for his sensitive outcries, contesting and whining for bad calls. He’s even the league’s test dummy, used as a defensive toy as he’s pounded into the class more often than anyone else. In an entire season, Crosby has being bullied as opponents have turned into villains with their powerful and physical contact. Let’s just say that’s the kind of bombshells he’ll see in this next round against Ovechkin. Not at all is he Mr. Nice Guy, in a feud and one-on-one duel worth having eyes set on. It’s the newborn rivalry of Crosby vs. Ovechkin, similar to the Lakers-Celtics when it was Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird, who joined the league in the late 70’s.

And this era there’s Tiger vs. Phil and Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal, nemesis that have made the game interesting from back-and-forth epic classics, endless rivalries that makes sports grand. To praise the inaugural rivalry of two hockey studs, deciphers the rapid change and outlook on how anything could muster heyday suddenly. Crosby and Ovechkin have indeed propelled an intriguing rivalry because of its boisterous that reaches a crescendo of some bad-blood and prestigious hierarchy. There haven’t been players this exciting since Wayne Gretzky, now it’s back and fully updated with rivalry written all over the resentful faces of Crosby and Ovechkin. One is more physical as the other prefers giving out assist and shots. Of course, it’s Ovechkin, who’s the physical one and thinks Crosby is an emotional whiner, and if so, he might want to duck, hold and cover or continue to take the hard blows.

It’s being emphasized by Ovechkin, the Russian, who has beaten up on Crosby entirely. For obvious reasons, the Russians targeted him in the regular-season, knowing how much his presence and representation means to the league. But at the same time, Ovechkin and other players’ intents are to hinder Crosby as much as possible, and putting a body on him is the lucrative practice for preventing the dynamic superstar of producing unforeseen shots or having possession of the puck to convert on prodigious shots. Giving Ovechkin the slight edge defensively is a good call. The Canada vs. Russia tension has reemerged, and with that said Crosby is the virtuous leader as Ovechkin presents an agitating approach, creativity and hard contact, which irritates Crosby and makes it harder for him to organize a solid shot or create a play for teammates. We waited anxiously to see a newborn rivalry, gradually turning into a one-one-one duel between two of the superb players in the game, none better than Crosby or Ovechkin.

Meanwhile, Ovechkin and Crosby can’t stand each others guts, which indications it will be a physical series and it will be some words exchange. And when you think about it, those are the typical things that generates rivalries. Trash talking and altercations are part of the game, and it’s the distinguishing nature of hockey, entertaining spectator’s and causal fans. Without the fierce boxing on the ice, there’s no fun in the sport in which I’m very sure we’ll see some brawls even though it’s a cruel ordeal to advocate. Its two franchises that don’t care for each other, which makes it more interesting to see with team is more emotional to start the series.

Allow me to say the Penguins, since Crosby is already irritable how the games played out the last time these two teams met. In the past two decides, the edge has gone to the Penguins, but the Capitals are already favorites and either team has yet to face off at center ice. Maybe because they held the advantage this regular-season, but still they must convert their season dominance to the playoffs where winning matters. It’s a supreme battle that might require stitches and might even knock out a few teeth, well, let’s just hope it don't get that brutal. But crazier than ever, it is the match up and series that could turn into a Game 7 showdown to present NHL’s greatest classic.

For now, it’s an ice war among two of the league’s best. It’s on.


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