Once again, eternal annoyance draws public attention, pestering itches that leaves America weary. Guess it’s an itch of sensation, or an itch of attention or maybe an itch of selfishness, whatever suits you. But whatever causes him to mislead us or chance minds so often, becomes tiring and utterly ridiculous. Brett Favre has yet to make up his mind, and there’s not a year pass by without an irritating Favre saga that usually last for days, months. It’s enough to drive a person insane, and enough to make a person utter damn make up your mind. After the season normally comes to a halt, Favre emotionally breaks down into tears, saying how much he admires the game and how much he misses the game. Then, a few months later he arrives out of nowhere, welcoming himself back without receiving an invitation.

It doesn't take much begging for the wishy-washy veteran to return for a 19th season. Nor does it take much crying to comeback. He has the itch to play again, a similar scenario a year ago when Packers fans rode a two month roller coaster, wondering where he’ll end up next season. It’s remotely a different scenario, as there's not much enigma to ridiculous disturbance that wasn’t expected to return. It’s a teasing idea when Favre’s worry should be to protect and save legacy, not return and heave passes for more interceptions. As usual, he doesn’t want to quit the game he loves and played for much of his life, but it’s obvious that he needs to vow to retirement instead of un-retiring then rushing back. He’s returning to offer another troubling season, if he does play for the Minnesota Vikings.

Wait the Vikings, the Packers divisional rivals? No. Not the division where he established his legacy with the Packers.

Why Brett Why?

Favre is expected to meet with Vikings coach Brad Childress Wednesday evening about starting as quarterback next season. This isn’t fitting to well on the faces of disgruntled Packers fans, and in fact the fanatic Cheeseheads will chant boos at him as a Viking, when he returns to what will be a hostile place to dominate. You have to think that he’s out to payback the Packers, which it’s where he originally requested to play last season when they rebuffed interest in bringing back the legendary star and refused to trade him within the division. Maybe there’s some animosity between him and general manager Ted Thompson, which gives Favre intent to recompense. Maybe now that he’s available, it’s a juncture to immerse with the Vikings, apparently confident that indignities are resolved among himself and the Vikings as a team. Well, most of us aren’t buying into that one bit and as common sense has it, Favre’s career is accomplished.

There’s no other alternative for ending a career as one of the greatest quarterba-cks in NFL history, certainly Hall of Fame quality. There’s no other alternative of ending a career on a positive note, despite misfortune with the Jets a year ago after throwing a league-leading 22 interceptions, enough to sabotage a legacy. Favre’s legacy isn’t damaged, but coming back could smear legacy. His resume is thick among NFL quarterbacks, establishing as the merest all-time record-setting leader, a two-time MVP and a Super Bowl champ. It doesn’t get any better than that, which gave us reason to believe that he was going to hang it up immediately following an emotional lost to the New York Giants in the NFC Championship Game two years ago. That was a downright time to retire, calling it a career on the couch, the studio as an analyst or even more Wrangler jeans advertisements.

Anything but football, especially when last year was perfect evidence that Favre isn’t the solid thrower he once was or the accurate passer he once was. Each time he sustained pressure with the Jets, he was unable to use his nifty footwork to scramble, a lot having to do with aging and insecurity of sustaining a life-threatening injury. Once the season came to an end for the Jets, a disgruntled running back Thomas Jones ripped Favre with unpleasant comments by saying he should have been benched during a poor game, throwing merely three interceptions. So now we know the answers to why he asked for his release, not for retirement, but to play another season with the Vikings for two reasons. First, to seek vengeance and outduel his successor Aaron Rodgers at Green Bay when they meet twice a season and maybe he'll finally vanish atop as a champion?

If so, he’s surrounding with a sturdy supporting cast, arguably the league’s fastest and explosive running back Adrian Peterson and rookie Percy Harvin, the Florida Gators sensational speedster and aided by a powerful defensive front with Jared Allen, the bolstering linebacker. It doesn’t mean the Vikings will win the Super Bowl, with adding the league’s most well-liked quarterback to replace the inconsistent Tarvaris Jackson, who lead them to a 10-6 record, but lacked playoff experience and couldn’t excel the challenge. They brought in quarterback Sage Rosenfels to compete with Jackson for the starting job, well, it's obvious there won't be no competition as Favre will automatically claim rightful position.

Simply, the Vikings relayed on a solid rush attack through the hands and agility of Peterson, which was enough to qualify for a playoff spot. Now, the Vikings are hoping Favre is the answer to more than a playoff appearance, and supplicates for a Super Bowl. He’s not the answer to transforming a team and he’s not the answer to their problematic frails in recent years, despite their latest entry to the playoffs. Instead, it’s not imaginable expecting Favre to recover from a substandard season, not to say that he’s not a great quarterback. He’ll always be great, but must realize nothing lasts forever and should prefer to do the right thing, which is staying away from the game.

Please for your own sake stay away from the game to save legacy and health. Remember, Favre said “all things must come to an end”, well, now is the time to hang it up. It’s being a hell of a career, accomplishing more than an average athlete. So if he’s itching, the best way to cease the itch is to use a backscratcher at home on the couch away from the game.

Just stay away for your own good.


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