One of the CBS Correspondent topics say that I have either need to make up a bunch of questions for a player on your favorite team you'd like to write for, or profile the coaching staff. In since the Colts are making a bunch of moves to the coaching staff, I cannot profile it. Here is my fake, but I hope it was real, questions for Jim Sorgi if I were to use it in an interview.


1. How do you feel being the backup quarterback of the best quarterback in the league?

2. Do you think you are good enough to be a starter with another NFL team, now that you have learned so much from Manning?

3. How does it feel to finally start a game in the regular season on the last game?

4. Do you ever get nervous if Manning were to get hurt in a game and you would have to fill in?

5. Ever hang out with Manning?

6. Who's your best friend on the team?

7. How do you feel on winning the Super Bowl against the Bears, back in the 2006 season?

8. Do you ever think you would be the one to throw a pass to Marvin Harrison to make him second all-time in catches?

9. What is the best thing you love when you step onto the field?

10. Now that Curtis Painter is drafted, are you going to mentor him on becoming a third-string QB?

Have a nice Jim Sorgi, and I wish a great NFL career!


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