So often, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban invokes foolish outburst with his stubborn-minded taunting demeanor. And whenever something goes wrong with officiating, writing seems to be a useful tool for expressing himself in a childish psyche, which makes us weary anytime his name is mentioned for hypercritical remarks. By expressing discontent emotions through Twitter, calling out officials with infantile remarks makes him seem as if he’s an owner with no class.

It makes him seem as if he’s the league's laughable clown or a crazy season ticket-holder, jawing at refs whenever there’s a no-call or a disagreeable call. Even though officials missed the call, later rectifying that it was an intentional foul, Cuban walked onto the court livid and yapped at officials, forward Josh Howard was restrained as the Nuggets taunted and Denver’s immature Kenyon Martin taunted with laughter. Enough to ignite the ill-tempered Cuban to shove off a cameraman, and make eye-contact with Martin’s mother, Lydia Moore, referring to her as a “thug”, including Martin, who yelled and gestured directly at Cuban after the game.

You can say this came out of frustration, but either way you take it, still targeting someone’s mother is inexcusable and babyish. Some of the noticeable remarks Cuban has made over the years were insults a five-year old wouldn’t even form their mouths to say. But, we can’t blame an owner in his right mind for been furious of a no-call, which could decide the series. Or blame the Mavericks and hold them liable for Antoine Wright’s intentional foul that officials never recognized only because he should have bear-hugged Carmelo Anthony instead of bumping him as if they weren’t sports figures, but bumper cars. Shouldn’t it had dawn on coach Rick Carlisle to inform his players to give them lovable hugs and not stiff-arming? By now, coaches and players know it’s the NBA, not the NFL, which the officials tend to persistently allow the players to play before blowing whistles. If all of this was managed correctly, none of this absurdity would occur between a player and an owner, a joshing debacle rarely seen.

What next David Stern against the refs or players union?

Despite the officiating debacles, I doubt it when sophisticated men handles situations accordingly and responsibly. Such as when the league issued a statement that the call was incorrect, apologizing to the Mavericks, though it was too late in Game 3 of the series to attempt a comeback to make it a series. It might have cost them a victory and a chance to restore life, but at least the league reviewed it and figured it was a costly call that could hinge a teams season. By the officials making mistakes, evokes suspicion on if there's any point-shaving involved in some of these erroneous non-calls or pointless calls, but Dallas is on brink of elimination for errant or miss calls by officials which could have turned into the Mavericks liking.

Cuban denied reports about referring to Martin as “thug” or "punk.” At the age of 50, he still don’t represent himself as an owner. Instead he’s a known as a fanatic with obnoxious insults and blogs insulting bad officiating. Clearly, that’s why Major League Baseball shut the doors on him, when he was interested in buying the Chicago Cubs. He would have made a great owner, but his emotions and infamous deeds dismiss him as a smart owner. His cleverness is veiling whenever an episode occurs with him, regarding chaotic fussing and facial frowns, which makes you wonder if the guy is much younger than 50. Honestly sometimes he acts as if he’s between the ages of five or 10, even though he’s one of sports prestigious owners, still he has much growing up.

Its understandable Cuban was distraught by the erroneous call, but releasing frustration on someone’s mother isn’t acceptable. He should know better than acting as a clown, and grow up to act as a sophisticated owner.


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