Peyton Manning

If you can get him, you have struck gold. In fact, Peyton is so good, it's like you just won the lottery thirty times in a row on the same night in Vegas! He can't get better, that's how good he is.

Adrian Peterson

Look, he is one of those people that gets you thinking, "is he better than Walter Payton?" If you do expect some good juicy wins on your W-L record, take Peterson.

Larry Fitzgerald

Some people forget about this idol, but after last year's playoffs, how can you? Last year, when I was drafting my team and I had the fifth pick, I traded up and got Peyton Manning. And this time, for the fifth pick, I got Boldin! I totally forgot about Fitzgerald and that was a mistake I will not do again!

Greg Jennings

Perfect! If you have a late pick in your draft and some of the receivers you wanted are gone, then you get the all-around receiver in Jennings! This guy is in the top ten in my list because I like him so much. If you get him, you will get some wins if you are typically bad at fantasy football.

Tom Brady

Some people will go right past him because they are afraid that he will get injured again. He will not get injured because he has been playing all this time in training camp and has not even grabbed his ankle in pain. He had some surgeries by some of the top doctors in the country and maybe the world!

Tony Romo

I know he might suck, but life is all about risks, right? If you are still not sure you can always draft another QB in the next round, Kurt Warner might still be there. He will get you some wins before its time that he sucks.

Marshawn Lynch

I know he is suspended for three games but you can keep him until then. In fantasy baseball, I had A-Rod and I held on to him. And now I am getting points and wins and I am in first place just because of him.


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