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Cleveland fans, this is not an article written intentionally to upset you.

With that in mind, the ultimate question remains.

What will LeBron James do if the Cavaliers do not win the championship this season? Will he re-sign with them before he becomes an unrestricted free-agent in the summer of 2010, or will he depart from his own city?

Most of you might not believe it, but not winning a title this season has a major influence on James' decision regarding the Cavaliers. If he wins, then he could grow all the confidence in the world in his team. If they lose, he might think that his team does not have the championship caliber that other teams possess.

So what will his decision be?

Let's go through both scenarios.

Okay, so LeBron loses to the Orlando Magic during Game Six of the Eastern Conference Finals. He plays through the 09'-10' season and realizes that he cannot win a championship with the players on his squad and wants out.

Cleveland attempts to convince him to stay on the team by stating that they will sign a big-named player that could possibly help him win a title.

James rejects the offer and puts himself in the free-agent pool during the summer of 2010.

What does Cleveland do now?

Well to be honest, they cannot do anything. I hate to say it, but the Cavaliers could easily become the worst team in the entire NBA without the King.

The team would be completely ruined and would be forced to rebuild their team from scratch.

Now let's say James does win the ship and re-signs with the Cavaliers during the offseason before the 09'-10' season.

LJ demands that another All-Star type of player is signed onto the team during the big 2010 summer. The Cavaliers agree and promise to give James a big man that could help him make it to the NBA Finals and win.

The Cavaliers end up signing a big fella like Amare Stoudemire or Chris Bosh and the two end up dominating for years to come.

Those are just two possible scenarios for the fate of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. What do you think will happen with LJ and Cleveland?


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