Zach Duke was handed the loss as Nick Blackburn performed much better. If Duke played his hardest, Blackburn still would have won. Blackburn had a miraculous performance, allowing only one walk and striking out two.

You might think it's not that good of a performance, but for a Twins' pitcher, it's great. All of the other pitchers on Minnesota's squad have been very inconsistent and been having injuries for quite some time (talk about three months!).

Blackburn officially has emerged towards a promotion, and he has been promoted to Minnesota's best pitcher this year now. Duke is still a very good pitcher, still looking to go towards the MLB All-Star Game, as my buddy Griffin Cooper has said.

Duke had allowed three runs and seven hits in six innings. Not very good, but Duke can improve surely.

Blackburn was consistent throughout the game, as the 27-year-old right-hander led Minnesota towards a 5-1 drooling win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

"He's basically been the stabilizer," pitching coach Rick Anderson said. I agree, he has been.

With this loss, the Pirates are now on a 13-game losing streak against AL opponents on the road. It wasn't a good game people expected it to be, but the Pirates still have a long way to reach the .500 mark.

At 31-35, they can reach it. And it's inching closer and closer.


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