By Matt Miselis

The Detroit Lions achieved a standard as which no team had ever experienced before: imperfection.

The Lions finished with the worst defense in the league last season, and undoubtedly one of the worst offenses we have seen in quite some time.

However, even with all of the failure the Lions, there was actually something positive to talk about on the Lions.

" Whoa, wait a minute, are you seriously saying there is something good about a team that went 0-16?"

Yes, there was one person, by the name of Calvin Johnson.

In college, Johnson was one of the most impressive we had seen in recent memory.

After declaring for the NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions selected Calvin Johnson, another receiver that the Lions has drafted in the 1st round.

Many people however, did think that the Lions actually might have did something right.

Rated as the best prospect in the draft, many people felt he was going to be the next big receiver in the NFL.

In the 2008 season he surely proved himself.

He caught 78 passes for 1,331 yards, and was tied for first with 12 NFL grabs.

These stats led to a season of being an elite receiver in the National Football League, he will only wish to go up.

Is it possible for him to improve on this season? Sure it is possible. Johnson did achieve these numbers with a team that went win less, had woes on the offensive line, and couldn't stop anyone on defense.

In the off season, the Lions changed the coaching staff, hopefully bringing a new fire to the clubhouse. Besides drafting Matthew Stafford, they also selected Brandon Pettigrew, the tight end from Oklahoma St.

Pettigrew could potentially be a deep threat down the field and relieve pressure off Johnson. However, he is also going to be used as a pass-blocker as well a good portion of the games, and will give Culpepper more time to find Calvin down the field.

Kevin Smith could also be a running back who could near a breakout season.

A kid who's under the radar, if he can find some holes through the middle or on the sides of the field, a play-action would be effective as well for Johnson's case.

You do have to keep in mind; if the Lions win 2-3 games this season, most likely you would see a better season for Calvin Johnson.

This would lead to a few extra games of 250+ receiving and 2+ TD'S.

We all know Fitzgerald and Johnson are at the top, but who would give a run for Johnson's money as the third spot? Steve Smith, Reggie Wayne, and Anquan Boldin come to mind.

However, what favors Johnson is the offense will always be around him, as the offense doesn't have many ways to go with the position they are in.

My prediction is 83 catches,1,450 receiving yards,and 12 TD passes.

These stats do seem reasonable to many standards, with the talent he has shown, and I do see him taking another step up as he nears joining the top of the elite class of receivers.

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