By Dan Callagy

I have recently just finished a book, Let Me Tell You A Story, by John Feinsetin.

It is a book about Red Auerbachs journey from scrawny little point guard at George Washington, to one of the best coaches of all time.

But that's just it...is he the best NBA coach of all time?

No doubt the only coach in contention with him is Phil Jackson.

Being only 14, I have never seen Red Auerbach coach, and I have seen Phil's two good years, as I was only six when the had a three-peat.

There numbers are practically identical, Red with 823 career wins, and 426 loses. He had eight NBA championships in a row, and nine in 10 years. Whats even more miraculous, he never had a losing season.

Phil has 1,041 wins and 435 loses. But, the record doesnt tell it all. Phil has been coaching for 20 years, Red coached for 14. So Phil pretty much has another six years of wins of in hands.

Now a-days, teams live and die off the three-pointer. Example, the Magic.

Back in the 50's-60's, there was no three-pointer.

Red had nine NBA championships in 14 years. Which is unbelievable.

He is the only coach in NBA history with eight or more championships in less than 15 years. He did have players like Russell, Cousy, Heinhson, and the two Jones's (K.C and Sam.)

Phil has had two of the greatest players of all time, Kobe and Shaq. He also has nine championships in 20 years. So there is practically no contention.

Not long ago, I voted on a poll on ESPN.com. The topic, greatest coach of all time. My eyes light up when I saw the title. Of course it was Red, Jackson, and Pat Riley, and I voted for Red.

In the country he was second overall. The reason...no one that voted, I can guarantee it, has seen Red Auerbach coach. I am not saying I have but the competition is just about equal, the stats are also very identical.

It's your choice.

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