After a horrible miss by Courtney Lee that could have made the Magic win Game Two of the Finals, he shows Orlando that he can shoot the ball in a 108-104 victory. John Bazemore/AP

The Magic told the world that it isn't over yet. They are still in this series. After a cheap miss in Game Two of the NBA Finals (link in "miss by Courtney Lee") that Courtney Lee SHOULD HAVE MADE, the Magic were down by pivotal 2-0 deficit in the series.

It should have been tied at 1-1, but that's how life is. Here is what Magic fan/writer, Brandon Ribak, replied to me in an article of his. Here is what I said:

"I am so glad the Magic got this win. Let's see if they can pull it out for three more games to win the series in six. If Magic keep playing like this, it could happen, or it may go to seven games. Great recap Brandon and it was a good read.

And by the way, the Magic should be leading this series, 2-1. They should have won game two."

Then here is what Brandon Ribak replied in return

Yeah, but you cannot look at it like that....it is what it is, you can't go back and change the record...they're down one game, and they will fight to tie the series tomorrow night.
So that was it. A Magic fan said it. "It is what it is." The Orlando Magic found it's "magic" touch today, as they tried to avoid a 3-0 deficit in the series. It was a great game as I saw it from the start towards the end.

Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis played their best in Game Three, both having 21 points.

It was very weird at the end: Kobe Bryant rebounds a Derek Fisher three-pointer to make a two-pointer. Then Hedo Turkoglu passing it to Rashard Lewis as number 24 comes to foul him. And if you watched the game, the clock expired but the refs just put up 0.2 seconds.

Very weird.

But it was 106-104 and it could be anyone's game. The shortest time someone can shoot is in 0.3 seconds but 0.2 is just impossible. But the announcers said unless if it's an alley-oop, it's possible. So it was up to Rashard Lewis to sink in both free throws to seal in a victory.

And he did, easily.

It was all over as Kobe Bryant just rolled the ball onto the court, knowing it was a loss. As all of you have known, I am (and always will be) a Laker-hater. It's nothing against you Laker fans, because you guys are cool, and so is my cousin.Rafer Alston was spectacular in Game Three of the Finals, as he led the Magic with his 20 points. David J. Phillip/Ap

But besides that, the Magic played a great game. Kobe Bryant had the Lakers at victory, having a solid performance, including a great one in the first quarter in which he had 17 points.

Orlando also had their first ever NBA Finals victory as well. If they were in a 3-0 hole deficit, it would be bad. Very bad. It'll be worse than the old Josh Peck.

The Magic also shot a finals record, 62.5 percent shooting.

"Well, it was going in the basket. That always works," Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said. "That formula's always tried and true."

Of course it was.

So like Shaq said in his twitter feed: "By george, I think we have a series." And yes, I agree, I think we do.
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