So, in the finest win in Finals history, the Magic advertised that a series isn’t over until decided, especially with a proficient shooting touch that never deteriorates in a moment winning is pivotal to avoid negatives, of which a title would seem nearly impossible.

All the fans were waiting for revenge to reduce agony and grievance of what would have meant trouble for the Magic, who responded from shooting woes on the road to recover at home, imposing normalcy in a shooting ooze that illustrated style and restoration.

Almost, it seemed the Magic were in trouble in the late minutes of a tense night in front of a rowdy crowd that believed greatly. But in a game each team shot efficient, obviously telling us only one team could win.

Fortunately, Mickey Mouse and the rest of Disney World’s characters were in favor of the Magic, providing some of that miraculous shooting touch, I guess.

For sure, it was a scorching night of balance shooting, and constant trips to the charity strike in a survival that was a must-needed one to have a fair advantage against the Lakers, who are experience, intelligible on what it takes to eclipse triumph.

Common sense, articulated counterpoise returning home in front of faithful fans, where intensity was louder and more inspiring than on the road.

Realistically, it tells us that the Magic would come out with all the weapons to defend and cease bleeding, after Kobe Bryant’s scorching night in Game One and Orlando’s Courtney Lee’s heartbreaking alley-oop miss, of which would have made it an interesting and an even series now that it would have shifted into the Magic’s favor.

Still, in reality, the Lakers are obviously favorites to win. They have been in this position, just a year ago, getting humiliated against bitter rivals in Boston, an indignity they are longing to erase.

Kobe’s anxious facial expressions are the most serious and fidgety in sports. Pau Gasol has developed a mellow bond with Bryant, toughen up inside and dominating lavishly, arguably emerging into the second-best reliable player.

And because the Lakers have home court advantage, protecting it before traveling to Orlando, where the next two are played in 2-3-2 format before they travel back on the road.

In Game Three, the Lakers endured a painful sequence of the hottest shooting team in NBA Finals history, failing on committing to defending the perimeter, a problem the Lakers must consolidate if intending to scram with at least one victory in a hostile, noisy, fanfare atmosphere, where the population is large and fans screamed an hour before last night’s tip off.

At the beginning of the series, all the bias raved about the Lakers, dismissing and deriding a magical story, in the year of a slogan change that now should read Where Magical Things Happen. Among predictions, many have suggested the series will last only five games, but I predicted six.

Folks, we can’t omit that the Magic are perilous and deep in shooting, even in the middle with NBA’s next dominant big man, Dwight Howard, who rebounded with a fabulous effort, once again returned wearing a Superman uniform in front of the cheerful crowd.

Even though, Howard was frustrated, rarely presenting his amiable smile, an expression that drew criticism for not having serious facial features, was earnest and prowess in critical moments, erasing two struggling games, including the last one where he didn’t have enough touches in the final minutes of an overtime thriller.

As figured, the Magic entered with a resilient mindset, trapping Bryant, which was employed effectively. Just as in the Denver series of Game Three, Bryant looked fatigued, missing five free-throw attempts, a rarity that would describe weariness more than a horrendous game.

But in the first half, Bryant was well on his way to another high-scoring, scorching and teeth-clenching event, logical deeds when he scored 17 points in the first quarter. Mr. Amazing, the man, who intimidates with his killing stare and growling, wasn’t the greatest finisher as anticipated or a narrative of what was scene at Amway Tuesday.

Howard and Mickael Pietrus, who’s known as Michael Jordan in France, trapped Bryant, giving him no extra space to form or make an astounding jumper or phenomenal layup, all the amazing unanswered instruments that awed us, grasped our interest and left us wondering as we reflected on his legacy without Shaquille O’Neal and flashed back on his abhorrent past.

There were a few chances for Bryant to scare and insert a burden on the Magic as time dwindled, but missed two critical three-pointers. For once, he seemed intimidated when it’s usually Howard expressing intimidation, all on a night the Magic will live to see at least two more games, pulling off a resilient 108-104 magical win.

To give away some historic facts, the Magic owns part of NBA history with their magical 62.5 percent shooting, in a peculiar outing for Bryant, who rarely goes back-to-back games with shooting debacles.

I thought he would have had a big night, despite scoring 31 points, converting 11-for-25 shots. What killed Bryant was shooting droughts late, missing 15 of his final 19 shots.

That certainly didn’t help, with Superman saving the day. Yes, Howard finally snapped out of amnesia, settling for 21 points, 14 rebounds. And remembered he was named Defensive Player of the Year, meeting standards by seizing the greatest defensive play in the game.

He poked the ball out of Bryant’s hand, forcing the Lakers into a dishearten turnover, one they wish could be redone. Gasol was in control of the ball in the final seconds, but failed to call a timeout that could have changed things. But it was too late after Pietrus took possession, later closing it out with two free-throws.

This was all about the Magic shooting proficiency, Rashard Lewis, who I think is the best sharpshooter on the team, made some big shots, such as the one refs reviewed to verify if his foot was on the line for an uncontested deep shot, later ruled a deep two.

Then, hit a must-needed shot with a minute remaining, brilliant shot-making that’s tough to beat whenever they shot well.

Off the bench, Pietrus contribute and connected on some momentous shots down the stretch to finish with a mere 18 points. Rafer Alston, who scored shooting exceptional with 20 points and 14 rebounds SKIP TO HIS LOU, dashing in the middle to control tempo inside as if Gasol had left for vacation.

With a superhero and multiple sidekicks, Orlando isn’t done. In fact, it’s a brand new series, especially in a win next game. For a second, the Magic can breathe relief and only try to embark on historic memories, magical ones, too.


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