Written by Brandon Ribak

Neither this offseason, nor the next; LeBron James is staying in Cleveland.

As a matter of fact, this offseason could be the last time we hear about these bogus trade or signing rumors regarding the King of the NBA.

Mr. James is currently on a team that is one athlete away from competing for the NBA title. Not only will this one player help James and the Cavaliers win the championship, it will guarantee it.

During the offseason, the Cavaliers have a number of options to persuade James to stay put in Cleveland. With a big man on his side, James can finally become not only the King, but the ruler of the entire NBA.

With that in mind, do you honestly think (yes, I am talking to you, New York Knicks fans) that James is going to leave a team that won a league-best 66 games during the regular season and competed all the way until the Eastern Conference Finals for an organization that has not made the playoffs since 2001?

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