Four major sports (baseball, basketball, football, and hockey) have controlled the culture for decades. But a continuing shift toward other sports and activities is gaining momentum. 

If you’re hoping to try something new, you should consider taking part in any of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. 


You don’t need a speck of athletic ability to participate in this growing sport. Esports has grown in popularity dramatically over the previous decade. Competitive gaming has recently seen a significant increase in viewership and revenue. 

Over 200 million pro-players now participate in some of the world’s most popular gaming franchises, including Call of Duty or the NBA2K League. 

With how the younger generation gravitates toward alternatives from traditional media for entertainment, one could expect esports to continue flourishing.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Combat sports will always be a significant part of America’s sporting culture. However, the days of gathering around the TV to watch a boxing match are over, dethroned by the spectacle of two combatants in a caged octagon.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) have transformed from an underground event you’d have to rent on VHS to watch into a global phenomenon. 

While popular fighters enter and exit the sport regularly, MMA maintains universal appeal, which is why ESPN spent $150 million a year on an exclusive rights deal.


Pickleball is a paddle sport that uses a uniquely designed paddle and an oversized plastic ball with holes that resembles a wiffleball. The sport blends aspects of other paddle games such as badminton, ping-pong, and tennis. 

One thing you should know about pickleball is that it’s a great game for people of all ages and abilities. It has a little something for everybody, and if you stick to a casual game, your body shouldn’t experience too many aches or pains.

Recently, NBA stars LeBron James, Draymond Green, and Kevin Love formed together to buy a major pro pickleball league team. That alone should speak to its growth. 

Fast-Paced Lacrosse

If you have a thirst for the physicality of football with the pace and elements of soccer, lacrosse is the sport for you. Lacrosse has been around forever, considering it’s an ancient Iroquois field sport, but its popularity continues to grow. 

It’s the sport of choice for many in California and Ohio. The sport has a professional league with matches broadcasted on streaming services, so there is an opportunity for the sport to garner further interest from casual observers. 


Participating in the fastest-growing sports in the United States should give you plenty of chances to participate in the action. 

That said, you can always take a seat and enjoy these emerging sports as a fan too!


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