Written by Mitchell Timp

n this article, I will be doing the best players for the NFC North but I will not be doing the offensive or defensive line. These are the players that have been playing in the NFL North last year. Let's go!

Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers, Packers

The NFC North is the weakest division for the QB position, but Rodgers is the best QB in the division. Aaron is a good QB and is expected to do good this year, again.

Backup Quarterback: Kyle Orton, Chicago Bears (Now Denver Broncos)

He is good but he was traded to the Broncos. Kind of good, but remember, the NFC North is the weakest division for that position. Good pick here, though.

Running Back: Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings

You got to be kidding me if you don't put him here! He is one of the best running backs in the NFL. He was also the league's rushing leader as well.

Backup Running Back: Matt Forte, Chicago Bears

Had a great rookie season last year and is expected to do better, this guy is a great pick here.

Wide Receiver #1: Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions

Great receiver! Anyone would like to have him on their team if they could only pick one receiver from their division. If he was any better, he would be on the list of top ten in the NFL!

Wide Receiver #2: Greg Jennings, Green Bay Packers

He is almost as good as Calvin Johnson and is a great player to have on your team. He has soft hands which he proved in throughout his career. I like him here and that is why I picked him at this spot.

Wide Receiver #3: Donald Driver, Green Bay Packers

Yet another Packer, he is one with the speed you need any time you need it. That is all you have to say about this dynamic receiver.

Wide Receiver #4: Bernard Berrian, Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings may not have the greatest passing game, but this guy helps. Soft reliable hands and speed. The only weakness is that he is not a reliable route-runner.

On the defensive side of the ball, which is where the NFC North really kicks in, we will start with the cornerbacks and then the safeties. Let's continue, shall we?

Cornerback #1: Charles Woodson, Green Bay Packers

One of the greatest in the NFL and he fits perfectly in this spot right here. He is one of the reasons why the Packers' defense is so surprisingly good.

Cornerback #2: Al Harris, Green Bay Packers

Great player! Just needs to work on his feet and you will have everything you need with him. He is also part of the strong defense of the Packers.

Cornerback #3: Antoine Winfield, Minnesota Vikings

He is the Vikings' best cornerback but fell to the third spot because of his age. Still great and has the hands to intercept the ball. Can cover some of the greatest wide receivers in the league.

Cornerback #4: Cedric Griffin, Minnesota Vikings

WOW! All the cornerbacks I mentioned are part of the Packers and Vikings. Cedric is great and can help cover some of the other great receivers that the others can't. Why? Because they are covering the other good ones. Great and young. He will help the Vikings defense for many years to come.

Strong Saftey: Atari Bigby, Green Bay Packers

Had a great season last year and deserves more spotlight on the Top Ten for Strong Safeties in the NFL.

Backup Strong Safety: Kevin Payne, Chicago Bears

Last year, he had 88 tackles and four interceptions. Good stats and great pick here. Like Bigby, he deserves more spotlight.

Free Saftey: Nick Collins, Green Bay Packers

Easily one of the best in the NFC last year. He may do better this year. I like him at this spot. Last year, he stole seven interceptions and piled on 72 tackles.

Backup Free Safety: Madieu Williams, Minnesota Vikings (Last year, he was on the Cincinnati Bengals)

My favorite, but that's just because he is now a Viking. Had a great year last year but he's going to have to bring it up a notch, now that the great Darren Sharper is gone. I like him because he has speed and has hands and probably everything you pretty much need for a complete free saftey.

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